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Free Cookbooks Giveaway

I’m giving away a dozen hardcover baking books because aaak! I own too many cookbooks. There are some sweet books here…some of them influenced my work as a pastry chef and product developer. Many have guided my baking adventures at home. Now it’s time to gift them to a person or organization that will benefit from having them around. They are here, packed in one box and ready to ship so if you are interested, simply follow steps 1-3 below.

Warning: These are used books! Some of them are in great shape. Others have been read a million times and have dog eared pages and my buttery fingerprints, possibly even some notes in the margins. None of them have dust jackets except the Collette Peters book. However these are all completely intact, usable cookbooks, and they are all hardcovers too!

How to Win This Collection

1. Leave a comment below
2. Please indicate where in the US you live (just city & state)
3. Tell me why you want these books and what you would do with them

Who Qualifies

You must live in the U.S. to qualify for this giveaway.

Entry period ends on Sunday, December 15th, 2013

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Pile of Used Cookbooks Giveaway! — 41 Comments

  1. Sorry I dont have a website. I am only a home and special occasion baker. I have so very much to learn!! My dream for probably 25+ years has been to open a bakery. Plus I would love to teach others. I have so many ideas. Like classes for kids where they can decorate sugar cookies. In about a year I may have the money to finally actually open a shop. I figure I have a year to learn all I can. So any books you would recommend or donate I would greatly appreciate! Plus to get them marked in and dog eared – wow what more could I ask for. I live in Boise Idaho right now, but will be moving to Montana where I hope to open a pastry shop. Thank you for considering me! Sherry

  2. This would be great I love backing and making new thing for my family & friend I know this would be good help… I’m from. Worcester, Massachusetts

  3. I live in Dover DE…its hard to find great books whether they are new or loved (used). I love to try new recipes and put a little twist on them if I can ….can’t wait for your book but until then i would apprecite any you have to spare ….

    If you send one my way great but if not I know the ones that do recieve them will appreciate them just as much …Thank you in advance!!…=)

  4. I live in Chicago, IL and would absolutely love these books! I am a 90% self taught cake decorator and could always use some great books filled with ideas and recipes. I dont bake a lot of cookies or desserts other than cakes so these would be just wonderful! This is also a smoke-free, pet-free home so the books would continue to be in great shape with maybe only the chance of them getting dirty while using them for a recipe! Thanks for your consideration 🙂

  5. Conway, SC
    I would love to receive these well loved books. I am always looking for new recipes to try. They will be cherished and loved by both me and my daughters for years to come. We will take good care of them!

  6. Im a self taught baker .. and I could sure use a few more lessons! Id love to have these to further my knowledge! ANd I LOVE cookbooks of any kind! I read them like fine novels 🙂

  7. I LOVE COOKBOOKS!!! I just bought you book, Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate. It just came in from Amazon yesterday, It is a great book. I love to bake with my 7 year old granddaughter and with these books we would have no shortage on yummy things to bake.

    Iowa Park, Texas

  8. What a great idea! I love new cookbooks and over the past year I have really taken up baking and making all kinds of sweets and treats. I started as kind of therapy while I was undergoing treatments for breast cancer. Would love to get some new ideas to add to what I have been doing. I live in Berkley, MA, about 45 mins South of Boston.

  9. Baltimore,Maryland

    Hi, Your cookbooks would really make me happy. I do all the cooking here and what I’ve learned was by watching my mom and grand (Bless their souls). I know my family is tire of eating the same thing on different days.

  10. I would love these my crand children and I always baking cookies we have a blast and having new ones to try would be great

  11. Arvada, Colorado I think that owning these books would help me grow my skills as a baker. I started making cakes for my kids Birthdays, and it has growen into doing wedding cakes for close friends. I love being creative with cakes!

  12. I would love to have these books to help improve my baking skills. I live in Portsmouth, va. I love taking home made cakes to work for office functions. These books would help enhance my skills

  13. Richmond, VA. Ahhh, there is nothing better than the feel of a cookbook, except well, maybe a stack of them. As a self taught designer. I learned through reading, trial, error and re-reading, ah, success. The internet was not in existence then, gasp. I spent many hours reading books from my local library. Yes, many of those books were returned with flour between the pages and real buttery fingerprints. Oopsie. I am still on the fence about starting my own biz. These books could just add enough weight to teeter me over, especially the retro looking Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Desserts, nom, nom, nom… Maybe it could just shimmy out of that stack and find its way to my house… tis the season and all that… sorry, I digress.

  14. Ravenswood, WV. I would love to win the cookbooks. Ive been trying to build up a cookbook collection. My 12 year old son is getting into baking and I think this would be great for him. Plus i would love them too.

  15. Perkiomenville PA
    What a opportunity.
    I am constantly looking for recipes for my daughter, a pastry chef and I to do. This would be a great way from a generous person.
    Thank you

  16. I love to learn new recipes. They would be greatly appreciated by my two young daughters and myself. <3

    Miramar FL

  17. i woould love these books,i live in Texas.I would uss these books to become a better baker to be able to support my 3 kids and my grandbaby that will be here soon.

  18. Canyon,TX
    I love baking! It is my therapy, my way of relaxing and having fun all rolled into one. I would use the books to further my knowledge and to teach any of my six kids who are willing to spend quality time in the kitchen with me.

  19. Hello!! I like in Columbus, GA :o) I love collecting cookbooks, and would try out recipes..and maybe come up with a few new ideas to create my own! I would bake tasty treats for my family, friends and co-workers :o)

  20. Farmington, New Mexico. Your cake designs just absolutely amaze me. I’ve wanted to try to start getting into the cake decorating stuff for a few years now. You and Buddy (the Cake Boss) are totally my inspirations. I’m still in high school and have been trying to take what cooking/decorating classes I could get into. I even have my own little decorating set. This would be wonderful, but even if not, I will always watch you on here and facebook! Besides, anyone can use an awesome cake that you baked/decorated yourself instead of plain store-bought ones! xD

  21. My husband has a collection on cookbooks from his grandmother and mother and some that he has acquired. And I just started in the cake business and I am trying to build my library for cake decorating I would LOVE to win these books !!!!

    English, IN

  22. My nephew has leukemia and I like to bake him little treats every now and then. Some fresh recipes would be great.
    High Point, NC

  23. Nampa, ID. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a cookbook hoarder. I love baking and decorating books because those are my not so great areas. I can cook meals without a recipe but I hardly ever bake without something that’s tried and true. My new Year’s Res for 2014 (I know way early) is to spend more time baking and coming up with my own recipes.

  24. Fairmont, NC…because I really like to make goodies for students and co-workers…and I LOVE COOKBOOKS 🙂

  25. Steens, Mississippi! I would LOVE to have these cookbooks! I am trying to start my own cake business and these would help soo much! I’ve always enjoyed looking up recipes in books rather than online!

  26. I live in Canada, and yes, I would love to win those books!!!! However…..I’d rather have just one of yours!!!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  27. I love your work. I am trying to build a library geared towards baking and decorating so I can teach other how to do it. I would appreciate these books for years to come 🙂

  28. New Rochelle, New York. I love used cookbooks of any variety! Buttery fingerprinted and dog-eared baking books will be a grand addition to my collection, right next to your Modeling Chocolate book which is right at the front of the shelf!

  29. Ohhhhhhhhh!!!! I would love to have these cook books! I always want to learn and grow and adore looking through cook books!