Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler

Cookie Artist’s Feature
Gingerbread Candy Factory
Made by Lynne Schuyler of Idaho, U.S.A.  Candy Factory Gingerbread House

Check out this amazing gingerbread cookie candy factory made by Lynne Schuyler. She is a wicked talented gingerbread house building hobbyist and this is the edible candy factory that she made for her family’s coffee table this holiday season. Can you imagine if this were the centerpiece in your living room?

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

Lynne found inspiration from my cookie chutes and tunnels tutorial to make some of the elements of her assembly line candy factory with even more elaborate conveyor belts than I had ever imagined. She has an incredible eye for detail. I am so impressed! Here are some of the materials that Lynne used:

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

The roof and circles on the candy factory are fondant. The intricate piping is done in stenciled royal icing.

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

The bricks on the wall and chimney are gum. The fence top is made with Starburst Minis.

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

The fir trees were made of miniature marshmallows cut on the diagonal, then coated with the colored sugar.  The sugar sticks to the sticky side made by the cut.  Then they were attached to a sugar cone with royal icing.

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

She used mini graham crackers for the ground cover (and says they make great bricks on houses too).

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

The little “dog house” in the back left corner is actually the electrical room that houses a battery pack that runs lights. Evidently, the wall post lights, front door sconces, front shops and clock all light up too!

Thanks, Lynne, for sharing photos and taking the cookie tunnels technique to the next level. Outstanding work!

Read the Gingerbread Cookie Chutes & Tunnels Tutorial Gingerbread House Cookie Chutes and Tunnels

Gingerbread House Candy Factory

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Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler — 11 Comments

  1. Too bad she didn’t make it out of fake candy cause she could sell these as part of a candyland christmas village and make some good money.