Cake Competition Winners

Cake Competition Results

Here are the top 5 cake finalists.
(The winner is announced at the end of the post)


of the Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate Competition

Tonto Cake

made by Tim Sullivan of Cakes by Timbo
Cakes Decorated with Modeling Chocolate for Online Cake Contest (2)

“This is a cake I did this past weekend. The entire face is made with white modeling chocolate, and I even took step by step pics as I made the cake! It was my 1st time working with white chocolate and my 1st life sized face cake.” – Tim

Wine Lover’s Cake

made by Sarah Harris

Wine Bottle Cake Decorated with Modeling Chocolate
“A surprise cake I made for my niece who has the same name as me! Everything is edible and mostly chocolate. Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache for the crate and wine bottle, and a combination of modelling chocolate and fondant for the decorations. The picture frame is embossed modelling chocolate; the picture is an edible print of my niece and her daughter. The wine label is an edible print and includes her name and year of birth.”

Pinocchio Cake

made by Jennifer Ladisky of Sugar Chef

Pinnocchio Cake Decorated with Modeling Chocolate
“What wonderful things have and can be done with modeling chocolate! I made this Pinocchio cake for an avid puppet collector. It stood 2.5′ high and the sculpted head, arms, and legs and one foot were made entirely with modeling chocolate. The cake part is the body and the standing foot that is covered with a combination of fondant and modeling chocolate.” – Jennifer

Baby Blocks Cake

made by Monica Mancini

Cake Decorated with Modeling Chocolate

“This is my favorite cake I’ve made this year! I used modeling chocolate to panel the blocks and for the numbers and the blue flower is made form modeling chocolate. I love working with it!” – Monica

 Gizmo Gremlin Cake

made by Sheena Schuler of Cake: Dessert Design Studio

Gremlin Cake Decorated in Modeling Chocolate

“This was my first time using modeling chocolate and it definitely made the difference. Gizmo is made from RKT and modeling chocolate. It was also used to make the darts and phone cord.” – Sheena

Runners Up

 Here are some more spectacular entries that also deserve praise and recognition. There’s some very impressive work with modeling chocolate here!

Fishing Tackle Box Cake

Ayah Isa of Dallas Cake Studio

Cakes Decorated with Modeling Chocolate

“I made this fishing tackle box cake for a groom who loves to fish!!! Tackle box and fish are made from chocolate cake/ganach and hazelnut cream filling and decorated with modeling chocolate details!!! Enjoy!” – Ayah

Victorian Bird Cage Cake

by Jan

Bird Cage Cake Decorated with Modeling Chocolate

“I made this for my SIL’s birthday. She loves all things Victorian and ‘Downton Abbey-ish’. I used modeling chocolate for the cage and used it to wrap the base as well. I brushed the chocolate with gold highlighter to achieve the antique look.” – Jan

Honorable Mentions

Ghost Rider Cake

made by Nicole Varganyi of Krazy Kakes

Ghost Rider cake decorated with modeling chocolate

“I love working with modelling chocolate. I made this Ghost Rider cake for my friends 40th birthday. The head was a stryo foam ball, I used modelling chocolate to sculpt the skull and the neck, the flames were made from gumpaste. The leather jacket was the cake covered in fondant and the chain was also made from gumpaste. The cake was chocolate with cookies n creme filling.” – Nicole

Mardi Gras Cake

Ann Alexander of  Queen Anne’s Lace Cakes

Mardi Gras cake decorated in modeling chocolate

“This is a Mardi Gras bridal shower cake, frosted in Swiss Meringue Buttercream with candy coated chocolate beads. The engaged couple love New Orleans and the bride’s sister wanted to surprise her with this unique cake. The life-size mask, ribbons and frills were sculpted from modeling chocolate and highlighted with luster dusts.” – Ann

Bunny Rabbit Cake

made by Erin Riggs

Cakes Decorated with Modeling Chocolate

“This was my first ever attempt at using modeling chocolate since you told me about it. It definitely is fun but I have a LOT of learning still. I made this one for Easter this year….the kids thought I was trying to trick them into eating vegetables so they wouldn’t have any part of the carrots!” – Erin Riggs

Washer Dryer Cake

made by Kira Whipple

Washer Dryer Cake

“Hi, this is my first time with modeling chocolate. The washer body is made with styrofoam and then covered with chocolate, the girl and everything else also. I made this for my 39 birthday it shows a little of how we superwoman of today deal with our every day chores. Hope u like it.” – Kira

first place ribbon

1st Place Winner

Tonto cake by Tim Sullivan of Cakes by Timbo
Cakes Decorated with Modeling Chocolate for Online Cake Contest (2)

Great job, Tim! Please email me your mailing address so that I can send you your prize.

THANKS again to everyone who participated. Isn’t it amazing how much you can do with modeling chocolate!

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