Women Who Bake Bread

At one time, most women baked bread from scratch using two strong hands, wood-fired hearths, and the knowledge of passed down traditions. Now, sadly, that knowledge is fading away – but not if we help ourselves remember! Journey into the kitchens of women from all over the world as they bake traditional bread their way.

VIDEO: Traditional Home Bread Making in Poșaga, Romania
A woman in Poșaga, Romania has an efficient system for baking up to a dozen large loaves of “paine” at one time in a stone hearth.

VIDEO: Classic Bread Baking in Tehran, Iran
A man mills and sifts the grains while several women shape and bake glazed artisan flat breads in an outdoor clay oven.

VIDEO: Traditional Home Bread Making in Arabia
A woman in Arabia makes giant flat breads atop her home furnace while entertaining a small child with a piece of dough.

VIDEO: Traditional Bread Baking in ArmeniaTwo women in Armenia produce various different sizes of “lavash”, which get slapped onto the hot walls of a clay oven.

VIDEO: Traditional Indian Fry Bread, North America
A Navajo woman in scenic Monument Valley, North America grills mutton and cooks traditional Indian fry bread in a cast iron pan.

VIDEO: Wicked Goodies Makes Garlic Herb Skillet Rolls, USA

Modern Urban Baking: It’s me making garlic herb dinner rolls from scratch in my old apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA for Thanksgiving supper, 2013.

Here’s the recipe:
Easy Bread Dough Recipe
Easy Bread Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving Baking!
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