Square and Rectangle Cake Frosting 8

Square & Rectangle Cake Frosting

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Square Cake Frosting Mastery

Mastering squared cakes takes practice. It helps to have an eye for symmetry as well as some patience and understanding that it is an acquired skill, something you have to work towards. It doesn’t come as naturally or easily at first as frosting round cylinder cakes.

Citrus Sunburst Square Wedding Cake Wicked Goodies

The above square sunburst cake was frosted in buttercream and decorated with modeling chocolate (lovely cake stand handmade by Shannon Callahan at Batter Up Cake Co.) I dropped this cake off of a 3 story building. Now when you find yourself struggling with square or rectangle cake frosting, watch this cake go splat, take a deep breath, and press on. You can do it!

Dropping a Cake Off a Roof

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