Round Cylinder Cake Frosting 7

Round Cylinder Cake Frosting

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Pulling Off the Lip

8. Using the medium-sized offset spatula again, level off the cake’s top lip. Clean the blade of the spatula off onto the edge of a bowl after every swipe. Repeat these steps as needed, chilling in between each stage, until the cake looks perfectly smooth.

How to Frost a Cylinder Cake

9. When it’s time to transfer the cake from its working platform onto its display platter (or if it’s a stacked cake, when it’s time to assemble the tiers), run the blade of a small offset spatula underneath the cake to release its hold on the surface of the working platform. Make sure to press the blade down when doing this so it doesn’t cut into the cake. Then use the small offset spatula to lift and place the cake into its final position. It’s best to do this when the cake is cold.

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