Round Cylinder Cake Frosting 6

Round Cylinder Cake Frosting

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Angling the Bench Scraper

How to Frost a Round Cylinder Cake with a Bench Scraper

7. Once the frosting shell of the cake is completely chilled and hard, use a bench scraper to scrape the sides of cake, whittling them down to a smooth finish. Spin the turntable to create friction between the cake and the bench scraper while holding the blade in place. Angle the blade slightly to the right (or if you are a lefty, to the left) when doing this. That will help prevent it from catching on the cake, which causes jagged marks in the frosting. Don’t angle the blade in or out as that will cause one edge to dig into the finish.

Push the blade against the cake using an even amount of pressure. Work your way from the bottom of the cake up, once again creating a lip around the top edge.  It’s a similar effect to throwing pottery on a wheel, how you pull up. If you push downwards, your blade gets jammed into the turntable, so that’s doesn’t work, but if you pull upwards, you can smooth your way to the top without any impediment.

Between swipes, clean off the blade of the bench scraper using the edge of a bowl. You can also clean off a bench scraper with your offset spatula.

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