Valentine’s Inspiration 2 – Bakery Tricks

VIDEO: Valentine’s Heart Cakes – Bakery Recipes & How-To

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Here is an example of how I made three different kinds of cakes using one kind of heart mold at a commercial bakery.

LINK: Freezing Cakes Video

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Flourless Chocolate Heart Cakes Enrobed in Chocolate Glaze
Flourless Chocolate Heart Cakes

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cakes Valentines Day Heart Cakes

Valentines Day Heart Cakes

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecakes
with cake crumb crustHeart Shaped Chocolate Cherry Cheesecakes

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Valentine's Heart Cakes


Valentine’s Inspiration 2 – Bakery Tricks — 17 Comments

  1. Hi Kristen,
    You are so awesome! Your work is outstanding and you are hysterical.
    Hope this isn’t a dumb question, what is the fluid of 6x in the vanilla sponge cake recipe? (commercial invert sugar?) Is this a moist cake? It’s tough to find a good recipe.
    Thanks so much and happy 2017!

    • Those are both excellent questions. Fluidflex is a brand of liquid shortening. 6X is superfine sugar. It’s not as fine as confectioner’s sugar (also known as 10X) but it’s finer than regular old sugar. It is an excellent recipe! It’s moist and fluffy. Highly recommend.

      • OMG I misread the handwritten recipe and thought fluidflex said fluid of 6x!!!! Duh. Thanks for the info. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. Hi , thank you for sharing the information ,
    My biggest challenge is getting prices right so I make a profit.
    My other biggest challenge is resisting buying tools that get stored away and never to be seen again , would so love the E book

  3. You rock! Biggest challenge is the evil rose or the evil baker making real looking roses, pansies and tulip. Real looking flowers like you picked them out of the garden myself is my biggest challenge.
    Here’s one flower I did and it took me 50 years to complete one flower

  4. Hi Kristen!!

    My biggest challenge since I opened the bakery is finding employees I can trust with my recipes, my customers, and my business in general. I am having a hard time letting go of the total control!

  5. I am a custom baker out of my home. I also work full time. I think the biggest issue that I deal with is time. If I’ve not had time to bake layers in advance and I get orders, then I’m up to all hours of the night getting layers cold so I can decorate for last minute orders. I hate to turn down $$$ but I also feel I’m wearing myself down. I guess I either need to plan better and bake layers in advance or learn that it’s OK to say no from time to time. Here is a cake I did for Valentine’s. Although it’s not in the shape of a heart, who doesn’t love PB cups and peanut butter buttercream – :). Thanks for all you do – I learn so much from your website and videos.

  6. Firstly Thank you for your tutorials .I am just a home baker and I would like to learn alot from ur eBook. My biggest challenge is the packing and transportation of 3D cakes.I had a terrible time when I packed a 3d bear cake.
    Thank you

  7. Wonderful recipes! Thank you so much for sharing. As I prepare myself for becoming a full time bakery, I find I have two issues challenging me. One is converting my best recipes from cups, tsp and Ts to weights (I’m using metric), and the other is trying to factor in all my expenses and still charge a fair price. I have loved everything you have published so far, so I have no doubt this will be another handy dandy resource. I look forward to seeing it

  8. I think navigating the public is the hardest part of my job. When people call, they assume that I am willing and interested in taking every single request. I have a custom cake business, therefore I am certainly not interested in just taking on any order. But I need to balance out my words in a way that I communicate that nicely and clearly. Also, most forget that this is an art-form, therefore, every cake is different and there should be a small amount of grace given in the expectation of the final product. Whew- that was like a mini- counseling session! hahah

  9. Hi this is Dana from Dana Kay’s Delectables in Laveen Arizona. I would like to win your ebook.. I just started my own in-home Bakery and I found my biggest challenge is pricing the cakes. I really think that your ebook would help me a lot with some of the questions that I have and some of the issues that I’m having. Thank you again

  10. To enter for the contest this week for your ebook. I love your videos they have helped me in more than one challenge I’ve had. Frosting a cake is still my biggest evil challenge. I have a terrible time at getting it to look like fondant. I struggle to get it nice and smooth. I hope to win your book!

    Thank you for all your help!