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Hey bakers. I’m doing another reader appreciation giveaway and I know you’re going to like this one because every single person who enters wins a prize!


Reader Appreciation Giveaway

If you participate, you are guaranteed advance access to a 4 part video series, which won’t be hitting my YouTube channel until next year. This series is full of tips and tricks on cake carving, cake frosting with buttercream using the takeaway method and assembling a stacked cake using wood dowels. It shows from start to finish how to apply these techniques to a topsy turvy style cake using counterbalance, which is the easiest way to execute the wonky style. You can also apply these tricks when you make tapered tiers since the upside down process is the same.

If you participate, I will send you the links to view those videos right away.

chocolate garnish


Three 4 Professional Training DVDs with

Professional Chocolate and Sugar Techniques

  • Chocolate Decorating Techniques with Ewald Notter
    51 minute DVD on how to temper chocolate, pipe with chocolate, and make chocolate shavings, curls, cigarettes, and showpieces.
  • Sugar Decoration Techniques with Ewald Notter
    85 minute DVD demonstrating how to boil sugar to prepare it for handling, casting, pulling, pouring, blowing and molding.
  • Mini Boot Camp 101 with Kathleen Lang
    2 DVD set containing over 2 hours of demonstration on the royal Lambeth Overpiping method.

Professional Chocolate, Sugar, and Piping Technique

Buttercream-Garnish-(3)WHO IS ELIGIBLE

Anyone worldwide who owns one of my books



Step 1

Before taking any action, please read through steps 1-5 including the bonus entry options.

Step 2

Think about the Wicked Goodies book/s that you own, what you like about it, how it helped you in your baking adventures, and what future readers might want to know when deciding to buy that book.

Step 3

Head on over the place where you bought that book and leave a review.
A complete list of my books and where you can find them are included below.
*Please* only leave honest, legitimate reviews.

Step 4

Increase your chances of winning the grand prize by taking advantage of the bonus entry options, described below.

Step 5

Fill out the form (the link is at the bottom of this page) to submit your entry and receive your guaranteed prize.


The following additional efforts will increase your chances of winning the grand prize:

  • Uploading a photo along with your review (i.e. a photo of your cake made with the help of that book -or- a photo of you holding the book. Please do not upload photos of the book’s contents.)
  • Reviewing more than one book (*Please* only review books that you actually own or have read.)
  • Reviewing the same book across multiple platforms (In this case, you may copy and paste your book review from one platform to another but please specify, wherever applicable, that you purchased the book in a different format.)


Please rate/review your books in the comment or review section at the following links:

Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Splat! A Crash Course in Wedding & Specialty Cake Delivery

Gingerbread House Dough Recipe & Baking Instructions

Cake Sales Kit


The grand prize entry period runs until September 18th, 2016
Please take the time to upload your review/s and photo/s before filling out the form.

Thank you in advance for your honest feedback!
Your support helps keep this website alive.

With gratitude, Kristen from
Wicked Goodies

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