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A-Z Blogging Challenge Winners Announcing the best entries in the
A-Z April Blogging Challenge Giveaway

Winner #1
Category: Most Impressive Work
Maddie, Age 8
Owner of Little Miss Maddie Cakes

Cake made by the Talented Maddie

Get a load of this talented kid! Without contest, the most impressive body of work came from Maddie, age 8 (soon to turn 9), who baked each of her entry items daily during the challenge period! I was blown away by her range of skills in baking, frosting, piping, decorating, style, and creativity. Maddie learned her techniques by watching YouTube tutorials and taking a Wilton class. She made all these cakes (and more) 99% by herself. The 1% involved her Mom transferring the cakes in and out of the oven. Fellow bakers, if this is what Maddie can do at age 8, can you imagine what her future holds?

C is for Cinnamon Cake
P is for Pink Ombre Cake
T is for Truffle Cake
G is for Golden Oreo Cake

Incredible Cakes made by Maddie

D is for Dirt Dessert
B is for Banana Muffins
J is for Jazzy Surprise
L is for Lemon Sunshine Cake
I is for Incredibles Cake

Desserts made by Maddie

Note how she holds the piping bag just right

Frosting Piping by Maddie

H is for Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Cake Made by Maddie

Thank you, Maddie, for inspiring us with your talent, and enthusiasm! I loved watching your entries come in.

Winner #2
Category: Funniest Cake
made by Joanne Spence of
Special Occasions Cakes Etc.

U is for Unbelievably Gross
Pimple Nose Booger Cake

Runny Nose Booger Cake made by Joanne Spence of Special Occasions Cakes Etc.

Eeeeeeew! It’s all completely edible too. Nose hairs, mucus, whiteheads, blackheads, and all.

Winner #3
Category: Most A-Z Entries
GlamMa Sweets

GlamMa Sweets edged out the tight competition for most entries submitted during the A-Z Challenge. Not only was she a dedicated participant but she also left comments on other entries, praising the work of her challenge competitors. That is a true winner in my book! Here are three of my favorite entries made by GlamMa:

C is for Carrot Cake & Cupcakes

Carrot Cakes and Cupcakes made by GlamMa Sweets

G is for Gucci Bag Cake

Gucci Bag Cake made by GlamMa Sweets N is for Ninja Turtles Cake

Ninja Turtle Cake made by GlamMa Sweets

Runner Up
Category: Most A-Z Entries
Yariana Wortz of Curly Girl Bakes

Coming in at a close second for the most entries made during the A-Z Challenge was Yariana Wortz. Here are my three favorite entries made by Yariana, all gorgeous buttercream-frosted desserts:

B is for Buttercream Beach Cake

Buttercream Beach Cake made by Yariana Wortz of Curly Girl Bakes V is for Vintage Cake

Vintage Cake made by Yariana Wortz of Curly Girl Bakes

O is for Owl Cake & Cupcakes

Owl Cake with Cupcakes made by Yariana Wortz of Curly Girl Bakes

Winners: Congratulations! I will be contacting you individually to issue your prizes.

Other Participants: Thank you to all who joined in on this challenge! As always, it was a joy seeing your work. You made the process of daily blogging even more fun and entertaining for all.

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A-Z Talent — 3 Comments

  1. Wowsers!! Maddie is really something else, yes she definitely has that “it” to go far! Love the work cheers to you! Definitely a winner
    Thank you for the entire challenge, I really enjoyed it!!

  2. Omg, that ninja turtle cake and that vintage cake…. Amazing!!! Thank you so much for choosing Maddie as a winner! She had such a fun time doing your challenge