The Letter Z

Z Baking and Culinary Terms Alphabet Blogging Challenge

Z is for zero letters remaining! Learn more about the A-Z April Blogging Challenge here. All beginning with the letter Z, I give you photos of my culinary career creations.

Zebra Stripes

Zebra Stripes Cake

The above zebra stripes are an example of pattern inlay with modeling chocolate. This technique is demonstrated in my book, Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate.

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread

This homemade summer squash and zucchini nut bread recipe can be found here: Zucchini Bread Recipe.

* I DID IT *

Thanks for joining me on this adventure, folks!

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The Letter Z — 8 Comments

  1. Congratulations, and great job on the A-to-Z challenge. I may never decorate a cake or build a gingerbread house, but it was amazing to see the work you’ve done. Really inspiring!

  2. Z is for zinnia made of gumpaste …. And my final entry to this list. A little, but I am on vacation, after all. Granddaughters and nephews are somehow more important than timely postings during vacations.

  3. Loved loved loved it! Mission accomplished great job. Here’s my favorite zebra print cake

  4. Here’s my zebra print cake! You did a great job from A-Z!!!! Thanks for the fun!