The Letter G

G Baking and Culinary Terms Alphabet Blogging Challenge

G is for good gracious, the alphabet is long. Learn more about the A-Z April Blogging Challenge here. All beginning with the letter G, I give you photos of my culinary career creations.

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

These gingerbread cookies comprised the chocolate waterfall and chimney elements of my Wonka house.

Gingerbread Tower

Gingerbread House Trim

Another photo of my Wonka house while the trim was being piped along the seams.

Glooping in Royal Icing

Augustus Gloop

When you dip something entirely in chocolate, it’s called glooping. See my tutorial on how this Augustus got glooped. This shot is also from the Wonka Gingerbread House.

Garden in Gingerbread

Edible Garden

In the gingerbread garden, the mulch is made of sprinkles and the dirt is made of sugar. This shot is also from the Wonka Gingerbread House.

Gum Dispenser in Gingerbread

Gum Dispenser

Every candy factory needs a proper gum tape dispenser with multiple flavors. This photo is also from the Wonka Gingerbread House.

Garter Belt in Modeling Chocolate

Modeling Chocolate Garter Belt Cake Decoration

The best kind of garter belt is made of modeling chocolate. Watch the video tutorial on how this garter belt was made here: Chocolate Lace Cake Wrap Tutorial.

Gold Wedding Cake

Gold Wedding Cake

Here is a professionally snapped photo of a gold fondant wedding cake that I decorated while working as a freelance cake artist at a boutique bakery in San Diego. This type of piped pattern can painstakingly be achieved by making interlaced impressions in the fondant using a round cutter.


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The Letter G — 7 Comments

  1. G is for Gucci, I had a ball making this handbag cake! I love your golden wedding cake and the piping on the garter belt!!

  2. “G” is for Geez Louise, Manga!!! You are an amazing artist!!! Creativity machine! Bustin’ it out like it aint no thang, fasho! Your attention to detail is something I can only admire and your dedication to it is astounding. *blam!* You just blew my mind!

  3. G is for a girl baby shower cake.

    About how long did it take you to do the piping on the Gold Wedding Cake? It’s stunning.