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I am honored to have been nominated by the artist and blogger, Julie Freund from Of Cakes and Cupcakes and Apollo for the 5 Day Art Challenge, which involves sharing five straight days of my art in any media. Here is a recap of what I shared:

My first wedding cake

Strawberry Basket Weave Wedding Cake

This was my first ever wedding cake, made for a large event (250-300 ppl).

What I did right: Bargained with my boss to work off the clock in exchange for the chance to do a wedding cake. Produced a symmetrical cake.

What I did wrong: Cut the tops off the largest strawberries and placed them exposed-side down all over the edges and corners of the cake. Ran into the house with deeply red-stained berry fingers just as the bride in white gown was turning the corner.

Mediums are cake and Italian meringue buttercream in a piped basket weave pattern.

My second wedding cake ever – FAIL

Wedding Cake Fail

This was my 2nd ever wedding cake, the one and only photo captured before its delivery disaster. I learned so many valuable lessons from this fail.The story is told within the photo below.

Classic Wedding Cake Fail

The mediums are Italian meringue buttercream, fresh berries, and the art of learning from failure.

Current Art Project Underway

Gingerbread House Parts

The unfinished art installation that is currently underway here is an edible school called “Cookie Academy.” Here are the big slabs of baked ginger and molasses cookies that smell so good sitting in my office. Stay tuned for more on this project as it progresses.

Dog Portraits

Pit bull portrait in monotype 15 years ago, I made these monotype prints in acrylic paint. Monotype is an exercise in painting backwards. The way it works is that you paint onto a slab of plexiglass in the opposite order that you normally would paint a picture (details first) then clamp it down in a printing press against a damp piece paper. The paint from the plexiglass transfers onto the paper so that when you peel the paper away, presto, you have a painting. It’s a tricky art form! 

Pug portrait in monotype My First Book Ever

One of my favorite art forms is books. Here is the first book that I ever wrote, age 6. It’s called The Sasume Stret Book, featuring the characters, Brt, Rne, Oskr & Bug Brd. The media is paper, pencil, and pen.

Sasume Street Book (2) Sasume Street Book (3) Sasume Street Book (4) Sasume Street Book (1) Good Bi! I hope you enjoyed seeing my art in various mediums during this 5 Day Art Challenge. I hereby nominate Tarsha Joyner of Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats and Jean Winslow of Jeanne Winslow Cake Design to participate in the challenge!

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  1. Loved the wedding cake, doesn’t look like you made that for the first time. It looks perfect and tasty for a first timer. Great work.