Giveaway! Heart-Shaped Pan Set

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Robyn Gable
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Heart Shaped Pan Set Giveaway Wicked Goodies

For Valentine’s Day, Wicked Goodies is giving away a free set of Fat Daddio’s heart-shaped cake pans!

Heart Shaped Pan Set Giveaway Wicked Goodies

These superior quality cake pans are made of anodized aluminum with removable bottoms. I love Fat Daddio’s baking equipment! Follow this link to read more about why I like their cake pans the best.

Heart Shaped Pan Set Giveaway Wicked Goodies

These pans are 3″ deep and measure 6″ 8″ and 10″ across.
Here is the link to find these heart-shaped pans in all sizes on


Who Qualifies for this Giveaway

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., Mexico, & Canada.

buttercream garnish by Wicked Goodies

How to Enter

1. Leave a comment below stating what you would use these pans for. If you have cake business, please leave a link so we can find you online.

2. Mention your city/state or region.

Note: Make sure to add your email in the comment field so that we can find you if you win.


Entry period expires on February 5th, 2014 Heart Shaped Pan Set Giveaway Wicked Goodies Good luck!

With love from Fat Daddio’s and
Wicked Goodies

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Giveaway! Heart-Shaped Pan Set — 244 Comments

  1. I would love to have these cake pans! Their pans are the best!

    Don’t have a website. Only a Facebook Page -

    I’m in New Jersey

  2. I would make a stacked valentines day cake without question. Then I would invite the neighborhood over to help us eat it. 🙂 I live in Westchester Cty, NY. Thanks! Daryl

    • Im a creative person and i would like to use these pans to give back to my husband a amazing cake of love. He is the worker and i am the stay at hom mom of 2 boys. One heart from me and one from each of the boys, stacked layered cake From Waterford, NY

  3. I have a Valentine’s Day order coming up where I will be making a box of chocolates cake 🙂 I love fat daddio’s pans and this would be a great addition!
    I don’t have a website but my Facebook cake page is
    I’m from Brooklyn, NY

  4. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario in Canada!

    I have a little cake business out of my home.
    I just started doing cakes 2 years ago as a hobby and I’m slowly becoming more in demand.
    As for now I only have round and square pans and I’m excited to get more shapes.

    While I do not have a website for my little business, I do have a facebook page
    It’s called Coco’s Creations.

    Seeing as I’m a newly wed I would the pans for the first time to make my hubby a Valentine’s day cake.

  5. I am looking to soon start my business, so these gorgeous babies would be a great addition to what I am trying to achieve…

  6. I would love to have these pans so I can make heart shaped cakes for my customers and also so I can make a heart shaped cake for my husband. Our anniversary is on Valentine’s Day! Fat Daddio makes the BEST pans! 🙂 Castle Rock, CO

  7. I would use the pans to create Mother’s Day gift cakes for all of my kids teachers and school staff. I love Fat Daddio cake pans! Baltimore, Maryland

  8. This year is my parents 60th Anniversary. My brothers and I are planning a Wedding so they can renew their promise of life. My parents are very humble people, that did not have ane formal education but raised 5 children with a lot of love and sacrifice. I will bake their cake and those heart shape pans will look elegant and lovely in their celebration of love and hope. We have the pleasure of living in Puerto Rico.

  9. I want to bake heart shaped cake for my precious daughters Alyssa and Alyson on Valentines Day .They will just love it 🙂

  10. I am just starting out making cakes from home, I would use these to make heart shaped tired cakes.
    Thank you!

  11. I would make my soon to be husband a tree stage cake using al tree pans 🙂 and in somber with the small one a cake for my son who is turning 1 so he can just stick his fingers in to the cake and enjoy 🙂

    Zürich Swizerland

  12. I would use these heart pans to make my first ever wedding cake which would be for my sister, since only doing birthday cakes for family members. So I think these would look lovely for my first ever wedding cake 🙂
    Wales UK.

  13. I would use these pans to bake a Valentine Cake. Perhaps a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I would pipe on a red Valentine and maybe a few roses. I bake for fun and pleasure here is South Carolina.

  14. My daughter has her 9th birthday in march and I want to make her an Octoberfest Bavarian Party. This would be perfect for her love to Bavaria.
    Beloit, WI

  15. I have a great hobby of baking cakes from my home and these would be greatly loved and used lol thanks for the chance good luck everyone

    Parkersburg, WV

  16. I have. February birthday and my mom always made me a heart cake. I hAve a daughter now with a February birthday and would do the same for her! But hearts aren’t just for valentines!

  17. I would love to make a heart cake for my husband. It’s very cold here in Omaha, NE.

  18. Need for valentines day:) Tulsa, Oklahoma area..where winter just won’t go

  19. I’m a home baker who is currently taking basic classes, such as the Wilton decorating classes. I will also be returning to college to finish my degree in Business Management, so that I can open my own bakery. I would love to make a tiered heart cake with heart fondant topped cupcakes.

  20. I’m a home baker…hopefully one day will have my own bakery! I do a lot of personalized heart cakes, but have to cut them from a square pan. Would love these!!

  21. I would use. The heart shaped pans to make a tier cake for my grandma who has done everything a grandma and a mother can. For a child since I was born. I love her anti wish to honor her with heart shaped tier cake.

  22. What wouldn’t I use them for! Lol they are perfect for vday birthdays anniversary or weddings! I don’t have any heart shaped pans and I bake a lot! I live in Indiana and I am always baking for family and friends!

  23. I have a home based baking business. Custom cake orders. I love baking and would make heart shaped cakes for anyone who likes! I’ve seen so many pretty cakes out there and am dying to make one.

  24. My three kids would love it if I made heart shaped cakes for them. Since Valentine’s is about love and chocolate, I would make chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, topped with raspberry buttercream(colored in red or deep pink) piped in rose shapes and shaved chocolate(or curls). I have a passion in baking and try my best to expand my experiences in baking everyday with books, ideas, online recipes, etc. I dream to open a bakery one day. =)
    Surrey, BC, Canada.

  25. I love to bake for my family so I would be using these to bake a cake for them. I live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

  26. I started a cake business in Luzern, Switzerland and trying to find anything here that is good quality and doesn’t cost a fortune is very hard. I have never seen any heart shaped pans before here, I would love to use them for a upcoming anniversary cake I am doing as well as for my own 10 year wedding anniversary in September. The pans can be send to my relatives who live in: Beausejour MB, Canada.

  27. I’m a full time nurse in a busy downtown hospital- I routinely bake goodies for charity bake sales and these pans would be great to make cakes and large cookies for our up coming Heart and Stroke Awareness Bake sale! From chilly Toronto, Canada- visit my Facebook page- Poppyseed Bakery! Happy Baking!

  28. My daughter didn’t get a birthday cake last year and has been talking about it every since. I want to make a her a special heart shaped cake because she said that’s all she wants for her birthday. Love!!!

  29. I would love to win these pans to be able to make a heart stacked cake for my family.


  30. Since I was a little girl my mom has made us a Valentines dinner, I would love to make a tiered caked for the night. I also make cakes for a hobby and need to update my pans to a better quality product., Wisconsin

  31. I bake and donate all my proceeds to our local Cancer Center…with Valentine’s Day fast approaching…I could make a lot of little heart treats..

  32. I will use the pans to make cakes to fundraise for March of Dimes and Relay for Life. I live in Modesto California

  33. I am a hobby baker in Oklahoma and would love to win this set of pans because I absolutely LOVE Fat Daddio’s ~ the quality can’t be beat! Over the past few years, I have replaced my “cheap” pans with Fat Daddio’s but haven’t replaced my heart shaped pans… yet! 😉 This set would be a very nice addition to my collection and make some beautiful heart shaped cakes~

  34. hi, I’m a hobby baker and as everyone else I would love to win the heartshape pan… I surely can use the pan because now I’m carving a heart shape out of een rectangle cake… thank you for giving us the chance to win this beautiful baking pan.. I don’t know the contest is worldwide but I’m from Belgium 🙂

  35. Ooooo! 🙂 Sooo many cake ideas! But I really would like to make a chocolate heart box cake! 😉 Marion,IN

  36. I would use these pans to make a 3-tier valentines day cake for my coworkers. We all work hard, send can ALWAYS use cake ;). Since I’m in Minnesota, all the snow and cold could use a little reminder that there is more than one color besides white! lol

  37. I would love to have these heart shaped pans. I would love to make a stacked cake and personalize each one for each of my kids for valentines day.

  38. To start off love fat daddio’s pans!!!! These hearts shape pans would be awesome to have to add to my collection. I have a little girl that is turning 7 and these are the perfect pans to use to make her birthday cake. I would also use it for my new and upcoming home business in vinita, Oklahoma.

  39. I would make beautiful tiered cakes for Valentines, Anniversaries, Weddings with these gorgeous heart-shaped pans. They would be a great addition to my business I’m trying to grow.
    ~ From Davie, Florida

  40. Joan Gamble on February 2, 2014 at 11:25 am said:
    I have a cottage bakery, and I would use these awesome pans to build my business. Valentines Day, Anniversary, Wedding Cakes in a heart shape would be such a lovely addition for my customers to choose from.

    Thank you for the opportunity. You can view my cakes on Facebook at yourcakesdesire in Ocala, Florida

    Reply ↓

  41. I have a cottage bakery, and I would use these awesome pans to build my business. Valentines Day, Anniversary, Wedding Cakes in a heart shape would be such a lovely addition for my customers to choose from.

    Thank you for the opportunity. You can view my cakes on Facebook at yourcakesdesire 🙂

  42. I would make a beautiful 3 tiered anniversary cake with those heart-shaped cake pans. Then, of course, we’d have to make a big party out of it so the cake wouldn’t go to waste.
    From Naperville, IL

  43. I would make a heart cake for our church Valentine Dinner.I also manager The Candy Store in Southaven MS. candystoreofsouthavenms on facebook or

  44. I will soon be graduating from Culinary School and would love to add these pans to the ones I already have. I would use these pans in my new business. They would be perfect for use on wedding cakes and of course Valentine’s cakes.

  45. I’m the official baker of the family and some close friends, I started 6 months ago. I would use one for my mom, one for my husband and one for my nephews and nieces, my loves, and all of them love cake!
    I’m from Calexico, CA

  46. I would really would love to have these set it will make a wonderful Valentines Day Gift/ Dessert for my fiancé and I. Since we haven’t had the change to go a celebrate for the past year, I know It will mean the world to him and Me.

  47. Just starting out making cakes on the side! This would be a great boost to my pan collection. Thank you;)

  48. I will bake mine outstanding cake recipie for the best man in the world, and mine sweety pie son Rick, love those guy’s with all mine heart xx

  49. I would use it to make cake, and then a molded salad. Then some flan. Maybe some giant cookies. I’m from Salem, Oregon. The capitol of Oregon.

  50. I would bake my wedding anniversary cake in these pans , also they look good for baking cheesecake too (because the base lifts up) . I would also make cinnamon rolls in them , the would bake to heart shaped cluster and i think it would look nice 🙂
    Peshawar , Pakistan

  51. Of course I would use this to make valentine’s day cake for my family. And an anniversary cake for my husband and me.

  52. My memories of V-Day are the Sweatheart candies which have the cute little sayings on them. Always thought it would be nice to have cute little sayings all the time. What a better way to say what you want with cake. You can never go wrong with cake. I am also in the process of opening my own little place here in Logan, New Mexico so the pans would be a great touch to thing.

  53. I am just starting out as a Catering business and I would love to have a set to start off with my business. I would love to show case a heart shape cake for my up coming business expo

  54. I have 2 heart shaped weddings coming up and I only have the wilton heart shaped pans. I have replaced all the other shaped pans and cheesecakes pans with Fat Daddios; what a difference!! This would be an absolute goddess send! Love your site because you make simple instructions, easy to follow and understand. Thank you for all of your help!

  55. I love these pans, my Granddaughter would love these because at 4 years she loves cooking with me ,she is my heart.

  56. btw, I would use these pans to make my grand daughter a birthday cake with:) I am from Jenks, Oklahoma.

  57. I would love to win these pans! I have some old heart shaped pans that are not nearly as nice, love the way these pans separate after baking! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  58. Am a new baker n I live in Pakistan…. These pans are not available in Pakistan…. I want to bake a cheesecake for my hubby on valentine day….

  59. I love to bake cakes I had to stop for a while first i found out I have hashimoto disease which is a underactive thyroid the symptoms were killing me my arms and fingers would cramp up every time I worked on a cake i couldn’t even pipe anymore the fatigue was terrible I felt like I had the flu everyday nothing seamed to work my Dr gave me diff meds which helped then superstorm sandy hit us and after 6 mos we were back in our home and now in October I had to have spinal surgery which was the best thing ever I can feel my fingers again. I bought your book and I can’t wait to decorate cakes with modeling chocolate and to win these heart shapes pans would be great so I could make my first cake for my family in 3 yrs.
    I live in Brick N.J.

  60. I would make cake for my side business Buzzin Bakery but mostly for my daughter as she loves hearts and I would love to try and make a three tier chocolate box design with actual chocolate from my friend’s candy store

  61. It would be totally awesome to win these heart shape pans. My daughter has been asked to be maid of honor and she would like me to make bridal shower cake out of hearts. I’m on disability and can’t afford something this grand.

    Live in Baldwin Park, Ca.

  62. I do a lot of donation cakes around Valentines day for the local school events and auctions. I would love a set of Fat Daddio’s heart shaped pans to use. There are so many things I could use them for in addition to just the standard heart as well – they are great for making animal faces with minimal carving, etc. So far I have round and square Fat Daddio pans. This would be a great addition!

    I am in Novato, California

  63. I am working on getting my own business started and these pans would be very beneficial. I would use them to make heart shaped cakes and goodies for my customers. I live about an hour north of Sacramento, California. I do not yet have a website but should have one soon.

  64. I would absolutely love to win these beautiful heart pans..with valentines day just around the corner they would come in handy…I am a home baker that loves to create and decorate…I do cakes, cupcakes and cake pops, you can check some of my stuff out at Cupcakes & Things. Thanks !!

  65. The better question is what wouldn’t I make with this pan. I could make breads, cheesecake, a fancy decorated heart cake, etc.

  66. I would LOVE to have these and I would use them to make a cake for my new guy that I am super excited about. It would be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, considering he has never gotten a cake from me before. I just moved from Huntington Beach to Long Beach, California.

  67. I do not have a cake shop yet, but my goal is to have one soon. I have always wanted to have the heart shape pans, they are just hard to find and only out at valentines.
    I love to back, I have a niece that wants heart shaped cake for her 15th in may, these would be great so it is one less thing to worry about.
    I love your products, your tutorials – they are awesome and you do such great work.
    thanks for taking the time to read this and consider me in your drawing
    have a great day

  68. I would use it to celebrate valentines day with my 5 beautiful little girls and our special valentine, daddy! 🙂

  69. I really would love to win the heart cake pans because I am starting a cottage industry business and I have no heart shaped pans …I am in Orlando florida

  70. Would love to bake cakes with compote toppings, like chocolate cake with cherry compote! Michigan

  71. These look like such excellent quality pans. So many ways to use them. I have a home based cake business in Ontario, Canada. It is shaping up to be a very busy year. The pans would be great for valentines day, and of course birthdays and weddings. Little girls love heart shaped pans. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  72. I would make a large cheesecake for hubby on Valentine and a tiny plain vanilla for my little boy

  73. Hearts are my favorite shape! I will bake cakes and cheesecakes in my new Fat Daddios Heart Shaped Pans and share the love with family and friends!

  74. I would love to win this pan set because my causing who I don’t see him in 18 years is comimg to the United States to get married on Valentine’s day! I’m very excited and happy to see him and make his wedding cake!
    Glendale Arizona(forgot to include this info on my previous post)
    (Forgot to include

  75. I would love to win this pan set because my causing who I don’t see him in 18 years is comimg to the United States to get married on Valentine’s day! I’m very excited and happy to see him and make his wedding cake!

  76. When I make wedding cakes, I include a small heart shaped cake for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon (since they dont typically get to eat much)!
    I am in the process of expanding and I need to add/update my cake pans, among other things! I have just been working through referrals so my site is still under construction, but I’m located in Central IL.
    I also would use these pans for seasonal purposes; obviously V-day, upside down they can turn into Santa or a 2d bust…
    Love your site, appreciate the giveaways!

  77. I’m the baker and cake decorator for the Ye Olde Cupcake Shoppe located in the historical down town area of Ogden, Utah. I’m the proud owner of Fat Daddio’s square and round pans and they’re the work horse of my kitchen. I can’t stop thinking of all the cake creations I could dream up with the use of these heart shaped pans. Maybe, a beautiful heart shaped wedding cake, a Mothers day creation, ice cream cake or better yet a decadent Chocolate dipped strawberry cheesecake; the removable bottom of the pan is perfect for both.

    Debbee Judkins
    Farr West, Utah

  78. I’m from Los Angeles, California and I would use these wonderful heart cake pans to bake a wedding for my niece and her husband to be. They are getting married February 15, 2014. Happy Dance!

  79. I am totally new to cake decorating, so I bought myself cake decorating equipment for Christmas. So far I have made one cake and am working on my second (for my nephew, which will have antlers made out of modeling chocolate – using your recipe). I don’t have many cake pans yet, so I would use the pans for my niece’s cake which I am planning on trying next.
    Koreen, Mapleton, UT.

  80. I am planning on opening my home based cake business and would love to use this set for Valentine’s Day.

  81. I will use the pans for a my anniversary cake this coming March.

    Thanks for Giveaway
    Briarwood, NY

  82. I’ve been baking since I was old enough to stand on a chair in the kitchen and help my grandmother. She passed away while I was away in college, so returning home and baking wasn’t the same without her. My mom and I would try recipes, but it was just “different.” Over the past year or so, I’ve started to bake a lot, and kept memories of her fresh for my family by using some of her recipes. I’ve purchased a couple of round Fat Daddio’s cake pans recently and I absolutely love the quality. These heart-shaped cake pans would be a great addition to my collection that I wouldn’t typically be able to acquire right now because of budgetary constraints. The heart shape is just in time for a Valentine’s Day cake.

    Thanks for the opportunity! ~ Rock Hill, SC

  83. I just started a catering business but have been baking cakes for years! I would love to add these pans to my inventory. I want to donate the heart shaped cakes at a bake sale at my children’s school and donate the proceeds to the American Heart Association. February is Heart Awareness month!

  84. I am just starting decorating and have several rectangle and oblong cake pans and these would be a great addition to my collection of pans. They would definitely be used as my daughter loves the heart shape and every year for her birthday wants a bigger cake than the year before. A tiered heart cake would be great. I could also use them for anniversaries and just because I wanted to cakes.

  85. I Love to bake small cakes and cupcakes for family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and acquaintances. I especially LOVE to surprise them with a small cake to show them that someone is thinking of them and cares. The heart pan set would be so awesome fun to make heart shaped cakes to warm others’ hearts as well. I sure would Love this set.
    My email is:

  86. Im making cakes on the side and I would love to have these sets of 3 ♥ pans added to my collection. And especially Valentines is coming, these will surely be used right away. Love your blog 🙂

  87. they would be a great addition to my collection, especially for valentines and I have been wanting to try fat daddio’s pans. central texas

  88. I would surprise my kids with a Gluten & Soy Free Tiered Valentines Cake that we could ALL enjoy!

  89. I love making cakes for my family, and friends. I really love the heart pans. I live in Fairborn,Ohio.

  90. I haven’t seen my grandmother in 3 years! She is coming to visit for Valentines Day and I would love to surprise her with a tiered heart cake. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!!!

  91. I am currently trying to get my home based cake business off the ground. These pans would be a great addition to my growing pan collection. I am purchasing equipment as I go, so these would 1 less pan collection off my list. I live in Lancaster PA! Amish country so as you can imagine I have plenty of stiff competition around me as they are known for their baked products, lol! Help a country girl out and choose my name, lol!!!!!♥

  92. I would take the cake pans and make a Heart Cake or my Special Soldier who is not able to be with me for Valentines Day sense He lives out of state at the moment.

    My Soldier and I met 28 years ago when we were out of High School. We dated for awhile and I had to move to Texas with my Family and he was sent to fight in Desert Storm and the Gulf War. During this time he and I had stayed great friends and at the time I did not know but he had sent a letter to me asking me to Marry Him or I would have (it was lost threw our postal system) . We have stayed in contact threw out the years and have remained great friends. Sense I have divorced my husband a year ago we have started talking about getting back together again. He never married in hopes that some day we will be back together. I have always loved him and just kept it inside till now. I would love to be able to bake him a cake and send it to him to show him how much my love for him has grown in the last few months. He has always been my soldier Boy and will always be my soldier Boy.

  93. I would love them for valentines day. I have four kids that I could make personalized cakes for. Ranging from oldest to Youngest. Hope I win fingers crossed.

  94. I would make a nice 3 tiered heart cake for my co-workers. some of them don’t have significant others so a cake would bring a smile to their faces.

  95. I wound do a three tear chocolate flourless cake cover with ganache and decoreted with red roses and share it with all of my family.

  96. My 7 year old granddaughter wants to make a tiered heart shape cake. I would love to have this for her.

  97. I would LOVE to win this set! First of all,
    I am obsessed with Fat Daddio’s pans! They are amazing! And I don’t have this set so it will be great to win it! I’m just starting to sell cakes and Valentine’s Day is coming up so with this heart shaped pans I can offer heart cakes or even cheesecakes! I live in Washington State. Thank You!!

  98. I have just recently started to buy fat daddios cake pans. a great product for sure ! I have a home based cake decorating business but so far I don’t have any heart pans and my customers are asking for heart cakes. so this would really come in handy ! fingers crossed !

  99. I am trying to learn cake decorating. I don’t have very many supplies yet and this would really help me out. I have a little niece who will be turning 1 in a few months and would like to be able to do her birthday cake in hearts!!!

  100. I love, love, love these pans!! And I LOVE Fat Daddios! We would use these for heart shaped wedding cakes <3 or valentines day! We are home bakers (mother and daughter) stationed overseas with the us army right now, but will be moving to the Baltimore area in about 3 months! New duty station time 🙂

  101. I would love to have a set of these for wedding cakes here in N. Texas. I have an old double set from the 70’s that my mom handed down to me, but those are only 1.5 inch thick. These would save so much time and look great for a tiered cake.

  102. My dream is to start a cake business. These would be great aince I don’t have many supplies yet! I live in Salem, Oregon!

  103. I would make a tiered beautiful cake for my husband who nursed me back to health after two cancer related surgeries. He is the love of my life. Round Rock, Tx.

  104. I like to make some chocolate heart cakes for , and cheese cakes, if I had these pans

  105. Valentines Day is right around the corner. These would come in handy to help fill those orders I have. Also, my 16 yr anniversary is coming up and these would be great to make a beautiful cake for my husband and four kids.

  106. I’m a home baker who loves to make cake for my boyfriend, friends, and coworkers, I currently make heart cakes from shaping squares into hearts but these would make the process so much easier!!!!

  107. Hi! I am from Houston, Tx 🙂 I would definitely play around with some Valentine’s Day themed cakes using these awesome pans since the holiday is coming up. I am an avid baker working on getting a website up for a small business.Experienced cake decorator, but not expert. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. I would love to use this set of pans to use with my 5yo daughter for some together time. Ive been teaching her math skills via cooking and its so much fun. She loves to cook and we can make anything from cake to meatloaf in them! Thanks for the consideration.

    West linn, oregon

  109. At our church, We have an annual dinner for couples on Valentines Day. I would make a surprise heart cake and feature it at the event.

  110. I am a new cake decorator, so I am always looking for ways to build my collection of pans (I have the FD topsy turvy set at least!). I also have a new guy in my life after ending a difficult ten-year relationship, so the first thing I would do with these heart pans is make him a fantastic cake to show how much I care about him! I am in southern CA, and just recently moved from Huntington Beach to Long Beach.

  111. I love to bake for family and friends for any occasion. My 18th wedding anniversary is this year and I would love to make a special cake for my husband. Our anniversary is very close to valentines day and this would make a wonderful gift.

  112. I am currently enrolled in an International Pastey and Baking program at a scho in Hartford, Connecticut. I’d LOVE to use these when I open my own coffee/tea, dessert/light lunch place. Thank you for considering me. Have a FANTABULOUS day 🙂

  113. I would so love to win this, I am a full time cook in one of the local establishments but in my spare time I decorate and bake cakes. I am self taught and continually trying to improve and learn new techniques. My biggest fast is my 11 year old daughter, for whom I would love to win these pans to make her a tiered heart cake. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    • I forgot to mention I have from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Thanks again!

  114. I would love to win this set. My supply of cake pans is very limited and are not as nice as the Fat Daddio pans. I can just imagine what the decorated cakes would look like.
    Westport, Ma

  115. I would love these pans to bake a surprise cake for the associates where I work. It would be a nice Valentine’s Day surprise.

    Apache Junction, Arizona

  116. I would love to use these pans to make an unforgettable Valentine’s Day red velvet cake for my church family at Missio Dei Church of Portland, Maine.

  117. I would LOVE to win these for my mom. She has a very small cake and cattering business that she runs from home and i dont believe she has a heart set like this! Thank you!
    Hampton Va

  118. Greetings from the Great White North aka Wisconsin! Thank you for offering this great giveaway! I love your website and Fat Daddio pans. I’m just a hobbyist cake decorator and starting to work with modeling chocolate. I would love to own a set of heart-shaped pans. I would use the pans to make a three-tiered cake for my husband. Not only is his birthday in February but it is also Valentine’s Day. This would be my way of saying “Thanks” and “I love you” to my husband, who not only served this country for twenty years but also supports and encourages me with my baking hobby. This cake would be my way of giving back to him, who has done so much for me over the years. Thanks.

  119. Hi I love your website and books and love fat daddios. I have a lot of their pans because I love the removal bottoms. I have a small cake business that started out in cheesecakes called sweet things by Tara in my small city of Leesville, La go saints. I have a website and Facebook page of the same name. I don’t however have a good heart shape pan of different sizes and this will help me out greatly. My email is
    Thank you

  120. I hope to someday be able to make my cake making a full time business!!

    Having the proper equipment would make a huge difference.
    Thank you.

  121. I always try to do something special in chocolate for my husband each year for Valentine’s Day. There’s a cake design that I sketched last year that I ended up not having time to make… He’s was working out of town and I was supposed to go spend a few days with him. Instead, he called and told me to print out the one way ticket to see him Valentine’s evening and that I would be helping him to make the 14 hour drive back home from Tyler, TX to Frankfort, Il since he got transferred and needed to pack up everything and get home straight away. The cake was supposed to be 3d stacked hearts with a floating cascade of message hearts… I would make that cake for him with this pan set.

  122. I bake cakes for small specialty market on Lookout Mt.TN, but don’t have a heart shaped pan 🙁
    I would love to own a set like this with the different sizes. I would make heart shaped Valentine’s cakes, chocolate of course!

  123. I absolutely love hearts & collect them since I was a kid! (I even have a collection of heart-shaped plates I plan to hang on the walls of my shop when that dream becomes a reality)
    I’d like to make a tiered wedding cake with those!!
    I’m from South Florida, currently Ft. Lauderdale
    Instagram: @chocochicacupcakes
    Twitter: @chocochicacakes

  124. A Valentines Heart-y Greeting to you all. I give away almost all of my cakes to people for the celebrations in their lives. It would be a perfect set for a small wedding cake. Best wishes to whom ever wins. If I won, I’d bake cakes, dress them up with pretty decorations and then give them to people who love cake.

  125. I would so love to win the heart shaped pans, I would use them for all kinds of baking and cooking recipes. They sure would come in handy for my husbands favorite mexican corn bread recipe on Valentines Day. He would just love it! And what better way than to say I love You with a heart shaped Mexican Cornbread for him… 🙂

  126. We recently discover that my stepdaughter is pregnant. We are so happy cus we wanted to be a girl, since we only have 6 grandkids and all of them are boys. I offer to do a Gender Revel Party and i would like to do a heart cake to show that if is a baby boy will still will love him with all our hearts.
    We are a big HAPPY FAMILY from South Florida

  127. My niece is getting married and has asked me to make her cake. She loves hearts and this would be perfect for her.

  128. I would love to make heart shaped cheesecakes. I use my fat daddio’s round pans for cheesecakes right now. I am in Lakeside,CA and my biz is called The Treble Chef. I do have a page on FB with some pictures etc. Have a great day.

  129. Hi
    I would like to win these pans because I want to raise money for charity and would live to bake 2 cakes one for auction and others to give to people who are going through a difficult time either thru health or anything else to share the love from the universe to give them a few moments of joy xx

  130. I am an at home hobby baker – for family, friends, and word of mouth. I love decorating cakes for the people I love. I have many Wilton Pans but understand Fat Daddio’s pans are so much better in quality. My granddaughter is now attending Johnson and Wales to become a pastry chef. I will eventually be passing all of my pans to her – and want her to have the best. Thanks in advance

  131. I would love to make a cake for the guy that left this post on G+
    I saw these pans and said what is he posting this for?
    So… I’d love to surprise him and make a heart cake just to say “thank you Jake !”
    I also find it in my heart to pay forward by baking him the cake! Pick me I really want to use your cake pans and enjoy how much fun I can have
    Thank you

  132. Great Give away! I can say I absolutely Love my Fat Daddio Sheet pans and I’d Love to have a set like this. I could make many different Cakes for all different occasions…fun fun fun!

  133. I would use it to make a custom cake for one of my customers. I have an in home cake business and make custom cakes for friends, family and anyone that wants a cake.

  134. I’ve been itching to own this set for quite some time!! I have so many ideas, especially this time of year. But they would be perfect year-round for so many cakes. I’m in Sacramento, CA, and am working on starting a business from my home, so these would be a fantastic help!

  135. I would love to add these pans to my baking arsenal! I am a big fan of fat daddio products! I have been wanting to make cakes disguised as a box choclate as well as butterfly shaped cakes for my daughters! I am located in Houston, Tx. Good luck everyone!!

  136. I would love to add these pans to my baking arsenal! I am a big fan of fat daddio products! I have been wanting to make cakes disguised as a box choclate as well as butterfly shaped cakes for my daughters! I am located in Houston, Tx. Good luck everyone!!

  137. I would use these pans for a nice Valentine’s cake for my family and officemates.
    Doreen – SK, Canada

  138. I would use these pans to make cakes for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, even Grandparents day. I like to bake cakes when I have time, just for family get togethers, and since I live in Illinois, USA. I may also make a heart-shape cake for a sciencey bake sale, and try to model the human heart on it. I will use it when recipies called for anything heart shaped.

  139. How exciting! I am a relatively new baker/ decorator and just bought your. modeling chocolate book and have learned so much from you already! these cake pans would be really neat to try using the removable bottoms to make a bi or even tri colored cake! i wonder if by cutting around the edge bottom and fitting one baked cake inside the other larger size pan would work? the possibilities could be endless! my granddaughter and i could really have fun with that! eventually i plan on opening and shop here in coldwater michigan and supply shop too so that the needs of the community as well as community bakers would all bet met, this pan set would be a great addition to both services! please feel free to follow up with me at

  140. I wound use these heart shaped pans to make a Valentine’s Day cake for my family. I live in San Clemente, CA.

  141. Like everyone else – I would love to have these cake pans! A long time ago my grandmother made wedding cakes. My dad bought all of her cake decorating supplies for me. However, we ended up moving across the country for school, and ended up selling off just about everything we owned to pay for the expense of moving and schooling.
    This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th year anniversary – crazy, hun? Anyhow, during that time we have gone through so much and endured so much together. I can honestly say that I don’t think that there’s much out there that we haven’t gone through as a family. A few years ago, one of my twin boys contracted a very rare medical reacting from a flue midst; which in turn we almost lost him.
    After moving across country with three small boys 3 and under, I myself received the news that I have MS.
    Because of my MS, I have had to totally find myself again. Find new hobbies and interest. My hands and body won’t let me do the same things I used to be able to do. Now that my boys are getting a bit older, I want to start creating more cupcakes and cakes for them all. I can’t do much, but I can show my family how much I appreciate their support and love by making them special cakes. I would love to make them cakes for valentine’s day; in addition, I would love to make an incredible cake for my husband for our anniversary. He has been so encouraging and supportive as our life together has taken on unexpected turns in twists in it.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  142. I would love these cake pans! I have heard nothing but good things about Fat Daddio’s pans. I’m trying to start my own home-based cake business in Painesville, OH and these would be a great start to my new Fat Daddio addiction.

  143. I do cakes from home for special occasions and would love to have these to be able to make my dark chocolate raspberry cakes in heart shapes for Valentine’s day!

  144. I just started my home based cake business and I just love fat daddio pans. For valentines day I would love to offer cheese cakes and raspberry mouse cakes. my son is special needs and for the holidays I always bring cakes and cupcakes for the kids I could really use these.

  145. REYNO, AR, USA! I would love to use these to make my mother who is 82 that special once in a lifetime cake to show her how much she is loved. She is my best friend and mother which makes her so extra special.

  146. I would love to add these to my cake pan collection. I don’t have this set. Thank you for the generous giveaway. Peace and love~USA

  147. I make carved/sculpted cakes for friends and family, all have been begging me to open a cake shop. The one person I haven’t made a cake for is my husband of 24years. Our 25th anniversary (we married on his birthday) is approaching and I would love to make him a tiered heart cake for that joint celebration of our anniversary and his birthday! He would just love it! I have attached a picture of my daughter’s birthday cake last year. This year she wants a dragon. 🙂

  148. The cake biz is my retirement plan when my hubby retires from the Air Force here in Canada. I have a big fat love affair with Fat Daddio and have been slowly building my collection of pans. I don’t have any heart shaped pans yet, so this would be a big boost to my collection. We live in a semi remote area of northern Alberta, so everything is ordered on line for my hobby side business. If I won, I have a wedding coming up in June these would be perfect for …

  149. I would love to be able to stop carving my cakes into hearts and just bake a ‘heart’ shaped cake 🙂 Valentines day is just around the corner!

  150. I would love these pans to make a heart for my Wonderful Husband and my Daughter’s family who’s has gone through a lot lately. I would hope this can cheer them all up.

  151. My dream is to make cakes for a living. For now I just make cakes for friends, family, and people at work. I am slowly building my cake pan inventory but it adds up fast. I would use these pans for wedding cakes and my daughter loves anything to do with hearts so I would probably be using them for her birthday too.

  152. I’m just getting started in the business and could REALLY use some specialty pans. I’m so excited about making some heart cakes!!

  153. I would make a three tiered heart shaped cake….just to see if I could do it. I am in Schererville, IN. The city I work in, East Chicago, just made national news….Good Morning America for all the snow we got!!

  154. Valentines day is just around the corner. The set of heart shaped pans will be of great use!

  155. I would incorporate a heart shaped cake into a special birthday cake I am planning for my sister-in-law who is seriously ill;as a symbol of how much she is loved. From showers to weddings and other special occasions, these pans would be great for my very small home based “business”

  156. I would use the pans to make my grandsons first valentine celebration and would probably continue it. I would also use it to make a cake for my daughter who has always wanted a valentine heart shaped cake. <3

  157. I would use the pans to make some Valentine Heart cakes for all 6 of our grandkids. They are age 10 to 21/2. 1 boy and 5 girls. They are great kids. I love them to the moon and back. I live in Havana, Illinois. United States. Thanks for this great giveaway.


  158. I’m expanding .my business from just cheesecakes to theme cake. This set od pans would be a great start. I use Fatdaddio’s pans for my cheese cakes and love them.
    Lebanon, Ohio

  159. I am trying to start a home baking business and also a new bride. I would love these pans to bake a Valentine’s cake for my new husband and they would be a great addition to starting a new business!!! I live in Texas City, TX and my email is What a wonderful give a way idea.

  160. I cake decorate as a hobby and hopefully a job one day. My cake friends and I would love to share these pans among ourselves. 🙂

  161. I am a mother of 4 boys and one girl. All are grown and having children of their own. I have 5 grandsons. Last month I found out that I am finally having a granddaughter. I would use the cake pans to make a cake for her shower.

  162. I would use these pans for my birthday. I am a Valentine’s baby. One thing my mom always did when I was growing up was to make sure that I got heart shaped birthday cake. Unfortunately this tradition stopped when I grew up and got married. I would love to do this again. I am also trying to get a cake business going and they would be a great addition to the many pans I already have. I am from Kelso, Washington. Southwest Washington are.

  163. Love these pans! My mind is swirling with so many ways to use these. The first thing I would do is make my daughter her dream cheesecake wedding cake!!!!
    I live in Ackerman, Mississippi, where it is a cold morning.

  164. I have an “unofficial” cake business that I run from home in Elkhart, Indiana, but I’m just getting started in the cake world! I would love to have these pans to offer a unique shaped cake for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Birthdays, etc.

    What I would love most to do with these pans is to make an awesome heart-shaped 3-tiered cake for my mom as a surprise for Mother’s Day. The first cake I ever made was a tiny little heart-shaped cake for my mom on Mother’s Day when I was 9 years old. I’ll never forget how happy she was when I surprised her with it! Since then, my favorite part of making cakes has always been seeing the look on someone’s face when they see or taste a creation I’ve made just for them!

  165. I would use these pans to bake cakes for my daughter’s bridal shower. It would be wonderful to bake her a professional looking heart shaped cake. I live in Delphos, Ohio where the temperature is currently -15….brrrrr! Time to turn the oven on 🙂

  166. I would love to use these pans to make a cake that looks like a box of chocolate. I have always wanted to make one. I live in portsmouth va. and at my job Valetines day is a big deal.

  167. I have just started taking cake decorating classes. I need all the help I can get, and being able to add these wonderful heart shaped pans to my inventory, would be great!!! What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you.

  168. I recently opened an event planning business that offers event cakes to compliment the theme. I have square shaped fat daddies’ pans and absolutely love them so much I want to replace all my wilton pans to achieve a more professional look. I have a couple Valentine events coming up and want to use them to help boost my business. 🙂

  169. I would use the heart shape pans to bake a heart for each of my kids and grand children and place every heart with there ends together to form a flower to show how we are all connect with our hearts to one another

  170. My youngest daughter is turning three and wants a heart cake. I would also make a large stacked cake for valentines day for all four of my daughters and my wife. My girls are 7, 6, 5, and soon to be three.