Gingerbread House Candy Ideas

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas
What’s the best thing about gingerbread houses? The candy! Here are some of my favorite candies for gingerbread cookie house decorating.

Gingerbread House Candy Options

The best place to shop for gingerbread house candy is in the kind of store with bins. That way, you can actually see the candy and select which colors you want.

Gingerbread House Candy Options

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Malt Balls & Chocolate Covered Nuts

Gingerbread House Candy Options

Chocolate Quilted Gingerbread House

Malt balls and chocolate covered nuts work well as landscaping around the bases of gingerbread houses in this gingerbread house village.  A FREE printable for these designs is available here: Free Gingerbread House Template

Gingerbread House Template

Malt balls can also be tied into the design. Here, the gumpaste Oompa Loompa figurines are throwing them into the chocolate river as if they are the chocolate supply that is helping keep it full.

Gingerbread House Cookie Chutes and Tunnels

Below, malt balls nested on balls of modeling chocolate prop up a gingerbread house porch on the Cookie House with Candy Lawn.

Gingerbread Cookie House with a Candy Lawn

Fruit Strips

Gingerbread House Candy Options

Fruit strips may be used like siding as seen on the red parts of this cookie house with candy lawn.

Gingerbread Cookie House with a Candy Lawn

Gingerbread Cookie House with a Candy Lawn

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas Fruit strips may also be cut up and used like shingles on roofs as seen on my Cookie Academy Gingerbread House above.  The same style of shingling was used in the Giant Gingerbread Sandcastle below.

Gingerbread House Candy ideas


Gingerbread House Candy Options

Caramels may be used to form battlements on a gingerbread castle.

Gingerbread Cookie Castle

This is the recipe and guide I use for baking
Gingerbread House Dough Recipe & Baking Instructions

Gingerbread House Dough Recipe and Baking Instructions

 Jelly Beans

Gingerbread House Candy Options

Jelly beans hold up well on gingerbread houses. I like how they come in so many different flavors and colors. The speckled ones look like rocks or bricks so they work well for decorating fireplaces and chimneys.

Alice in Wonderland Gingerbread House

Above, jelly beans are used to cover the entire front face of the entrance of the Queen of Heart’s Gingerbread Castle. Below, jelly beans are used to decorate the outdoor chimney on a Gingerbread Ski Chalet. 

Gingerbread House Doors

Below, jelly beans are used to form an indoor fireplace whose chimney continues throughout three floors of Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread House. 

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas


Gingerbread House Candy Options

Pirouettes work well as columns and banisters. Below, they are used on the Cookie House With Candy Lawn to help support the railings and prop up the roof of the front porch.

Gingerbread Cookie House with a Candy Lawn Below is another example of Pirouettes being used to support the roof a two porches in the Gingerbread Ski Chalet.


Gingerbread House Candy

Pretzels, although not a candy, may also be used to create vertical elements like ladders as seen in this closeup from Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread House.

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas

This kit contains the royal icing recipes that I use for decorating plus techniques for assembling
Gingerbread House Decoration & Construction

Gingerbread House Decorating and Building

Sprinkles and Dots

Gingerbread House Candy Options I also like to use smaller decorations like edible pearls and sprinkles to decorate the ground.

Orange Creamsicle Lace Trimmed Gingerbread House

In the example above, Nerds, malt balls, chocolate covered nuts, rainbow sprinkles and edible pearls decorate the ground surrounding the modeling chocolate figurines winter gingerbread village. Also inside the chimney of the Orange Creamsicle Gingerbread House (above left) are hiding a collection of malt balls.

Gingerbread House Doors

In the example above, chocolate sprinkles and crushed root beer candies are on the ground surrounding an edible wheelbarrow and candy vat. Fruit flavored tootsie rolls square off the edges of the yard.

Augustus Gloop

In the example above, a gumpaste Augustus Gloop figurine is drowning in a chocolate river surrounded by vats of candy in gingerbread holders.

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas

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  1. I have been doing houses for 25 years and you never look at any kind of candy without thinking how can that work on a house.

  2. What price is the lose candies for decorating ginger bread houses? We need to decorate 100 houses at the CURE Christmas party for children with cancer on 12/3 in Atlanta, Georgia