Cake Stand Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The winner: Cindy from Imaginary Cakes
It’s a beautiful hand-crafted wood cake stand made by Batter Up Cake Co.

Cake Stand Giveaway


Please say hello to Shannon Callahan, owner of Batter Up Cake Co. and engineer of custom Grand Stands cake stands. I think Shannon is so cool because:

► For 20 years, she worked in the Navy as an Aviation Field Calibration Technician, which means that her job was to make sure that planes didn’t fall out of the sky (she’s wicked smaht as we say here in Boston).

► She just retired from the Navy and has joined us in the cake industry, so now we’ve got her in our corner!

► She has a wood shop with all kinds of neat tools for making beautiful cake stands (see below)!

Grand Stands by Batter Up Cakes

You had better believe that if Shannon knows how to keep planes in the air that she also knows how to build reliable cake stands.

Grand Cake Stands by Batter Up Cakes

One-of-a-kinds Grand Stands custom wedding cake stands

I can attest to the durability of her stands since I piled some heavy wedding cakes on top of them for a photo shoot recently. I love how solid they feel, how understated they look, and how much they enhance my work. I fully endorse these stands!

White and Black Square Cake Stands by Batter Up Cake

Black laquer and pearl white square Grand Stands, Home Run collection

You will also see Shannon’s Grand Stands featured in an upcoming book of mine soon!

Black, White, and Red Square Wedding Cake

12″ square Grand Stand painted in black lacquer. This beautiful cake design was made by Jeanne Winslow of Erie, PA.

Who Qualifies to Win a Grand Stand

You must be a resident of the U.S. to be eligible for this giveaway.

How to Enter

1. Check out Shannon’s portfolio of cake stands and pick out some of your favorites.

2. Leave a comment on her facebook page about which stand designs you would love to own. If you don’t have facebook, you can email her instead at or you can leave a comment here on this page.

3. If you have a business, please link to it so that we can follow you back!

This giveaway ends on November 20th

Three Tier Square Wedding Cake by Wicked Goodies

12″ square Grand Stand painted in hammered copper.

This givewaway is sponsored by Batter Up Cake Co. in affiliation with

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Cake Stand Giveaway — 31 Comments

  1. I left a comment on Shannon’s facebook page as well, but I just wanted to thank you for offering this give away to all of us who are just drooling over her gorgeous cake stands! It is difficult to find sturdy/quality built pedestal style cake stands! It is equally difficult to choose just one fave, but I do quite like the hammered copper finish! And the Pearl White is so elegant! Good luck to all who have entered and thank you again! We’re a bakery out of Wilmington, NC and our facebook link is:

  2. I love the black lacquer stand. I think it could help to make so many different color cakes POP!

  3. I am a small business owner of Little Hunnys Cakery. I love all of the cake stands and honestly I would be happy with any one of them. They are all so gorgeous and a really gorgeous cake stand makes a cake look so much better!! You can tell just by looking at them what exquisite workmanship went into making it. My facebook page is and my website is

  4. They are all so magnificent! Love the black lacquer, and the copper is simply beautiful!



  6. Beautiful! They are all so elegant and the finishing touch to any cake! I think if i could choose one and only one it would be have to be a white pearl. With that one elegant cake stand one could go classic, or modern, fun or fancy. You do beautiful work congratulations!

  7. You are outstanding!!! I absolutely LOVE them all and will be giving a list to all my family members….with Christmas around the corner and my birthday in January…they shouldn’t have a problem figuring out what I want. The gloss black Home Plate is very beautiful but then again so is the Diamond with the bling ribbon. Can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these.

  8. All your stands are gorgeous, but two of them seemed to be calling my name–the sea blue stand (which would be wonderful with the vintage dishware I use on a daily basis) and also the square hammered copper (gorgeous and yet versatile enough to use for almost any application). I’ve found new goodies for my Christmas/birthday/a-present-just-because wish list! Your work is incredible.

  9. I am in love with the 16″ square stand that was painted in the metallic aged bronze. This stand would bring another element of elegance to any cake you adorn it with!

  10. I’ve been cyber friends with Shannon via Cake Central and remember when she first started working on these! It’s amazing how far she’s come with these beautiful creations! Being a cake designer she values and understands all aspects of a nicely built, beautiful cake stand-I’m in awe of what she’s done with this idea!!!

    It’s certainly difficult to pick just one, they are all beautiful, but I simply adore the tall grand stand, in the hammered copper.

    • Sharon. You mentioned you were asking hubby to get you one as a Christmas gift. Now is the time as I am having a sale on in stock merchandise! Thank you for all of your support through this.

  11. I have a few favorites. One is the Home Plate in Black, second is the Diamond Collection, in white or silver. I like this one because I can change the ribbon out to match the cake or party theme.

  12. I love th all of course, but my first choice would be a one of a kind in mahogany either square or round.

  13. Oh, I just love that copper color. The cake stands are all lovely, but I do like the tall ones, they would make a cake stand out on the display. The stand with interchangeable ribbon is also a great idea. Much success to your business!

  14. Wow I liked so many of them….They are so beautiful. I can see how they would really pull together the look of a cake.

  15. Just can not chose and I admit it, I’m greedy coz 1 want one of each!! Going in my Santa list!

  16. I love them all but I like the black lacquer square the best. It has a classy modern flair to it and would be an asset to any cake adorning it:)

  17. Love the mahogany stand. I would use it for other things as well, like for a cheese display or for muffins. Beautiful!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I got a lot of flack at first for making some that tall but people that have bought them just love them and say tey are super study…but I knew that. lol

  18. I like the stand on the right in the picture with this caption “One-of-a-kinds Grand Stands custom wedding cake stands. It’s the round copper (or bronze?)one. I also like the 12” square in hammered copper.