Women in Business

Women United in Business I am so serious about my 2015 New Year’s resolution that I’ve spelled it out in gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing.

VIDEO: For Women in Business

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So I have this theory that the real reason why women are still trailing behind men in the business world, making a lower number of cents to every male dollar, is because we are missing a few key ingredients in our business recipes, namely group loyalty and a willingness to collaborate with fellow female competitors.

Women United in Business

In business, just as in life, women are fickle, pledging allegiance mostly to closed groups and select trusted friends. Many women further obsess about other females who pose a threat. The fear that some angry lady is going to leave a poor review or gossip about her bad customer experience is valid, because women do that sort of thing to each other all the time. Perhaps it’s that backbiting tendency and overall mistrust that keeps us from uniting on any sort of large scale. It’s a pity that women on the whole remain in this constant state of judgment and fear of one another, because it means we don’t conduct business as productively as we could.

Women United in Business

Women represent roughly 50% of the total human population. That’s lot of buying power! That means the choices we make about where we spend our money have a dramatic impact on the business world. That means as women, we have the power to invest in ourselves. 

Women United in Business

My theory is quite simple: If women unite in business, we will all succeed faster. We can all more easily achieve the kind of financial freedom that is our collective goal. That is why I am making this pledge for 2015: to support more of my fellow sisters in business. I promise to buy more hand-made products sold by women. I have scheduled to share more business tips here on this blog. I hope to join forces with more of you fellow small business owners. Do you want to collaborate? If so, please get in touch! Here is my contact info.

Sisterhood Equals Success

Pass it on!

Happy 2015!

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Women in Business — 7 Comments

  1. I love what you are doing and have done. I also love your book couldn’t wait for it to come.
    I live in Canada and find that I do a lot of my shopping in the States(like I live in a border city)
    I am just starting out facebook and my website are under construction.
    Hopefully it won’t be much longer and I can show it off to the world.
    Love what you’re doing keep up the great job!

  2. Awesome Kristen! I have actually been thinking the same thing lately–we need to support each other! I’ve been planning on creating a local bakers’ group page on Facebook for those in my area to connect, get & give advice, make referrals when needed, and just support each other overall! This encourages me to take the next step and actually put my goal into action. Thanks so much. Best of luck in your efforts this year! 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I have recently join your blog.

    I am blown away not only by your amazing talent, but you inspirational outlook on business and life.

    I would love to be part of something like this, but unfortunately I am based in England and I don’t know of anything similar over here.

    My web site is horribly out of date, but I do have more up to date examples on Facebook.

    I just wanted to wish you every success for 2015!!!

    Best wishes


    • Thanks, Karen!
      I checked out your website and facebook and admired your cake portfolio. Awesome work! I will incorporate an international listing for folks like you. << UPDATE: Done! >> I appreciate your feedback! – Kristen

  4. Kristen, do you have a direct link to your video? It is great and you are fantastic and I would like to pass it on to other women.
    Wishing you the very best for 2015!

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