Giant Gingerbread Cookie Cabin

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

This giant gingerbread winter cabin decorated with furnished rooms, wood grain effects, curved railings, gelatin windows and edible shingles, was commissioned by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! The artist, Pat Ashley Howard, created this bigger, more detailed lit-from-inside version of her first winning competition piece entitled “A Woodland Winter.”

This OG model, aptly named, “A Woodland Winter Supersized,” towering over 4 1/2 feet tall, was displayed at The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum in Hollywood, California USA, where it served as the centerpiece for the 86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. It was also featured on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Weird News.

VIDEO: Ripley’s Gingerbread at the Hollywood Christmas Parade

Gingerbread Cabin Windows

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

Inside the gelatin sheet window of the cozy gingerbread house cabin, there was a Christmas tree made of dyed green bow tie pasta with gumpaste bows and ornaments.

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

Light shone through a stained glass window made from a gelatin sheet painted with food coloring.

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

Above the mantle of the cookie fireplace hung a deer head trophy complete with edible 3D antlers. A comfy sofa, sitting bench, and chest of drawers furnished the cabin’s living room. Textured gumpaste rugs accented a textured hardwood floor.

Furnished Gingerbread Bedroom

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

Next to the edible bed, a small table was set for a warm winter meal.

Edible Gingerbread House Shingles

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

Pat Ashley Howard made this giant gingerbread house with a shingled roof in her home kitchen, all the while being filmed.

Gumpaste Axe in a Log

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

In the snowy front yard, the tip of a gumpaste axe was sunk into the center of a gumpaste tree log.

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

Pat Ashley Howard’s Story

Adventures of a Gingerbread House Champion

Chapter 7 – Hollywood Surprise

In the Artist's Words

So I felt that my career as a gingerbread house builder had come to an end or so I thought. I did took some time off until an amazing opportunity came my way thanks to a new friend Kristen Coniaris. It’s now 2017 and Ripley’s Believe It or Not was looking for someone to build a giant gingerbread house to be featured in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and then to be displayed in the lobby of their Hollywood CA Museum. Kristen put them in touch with me and over the next several months, I constructed an over-sized replica of my first grand prize winning gingerbread house for them.

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

It was over 4 1/2 feet tall and actually had lighting inside. Since it wasn’t a competition piece it didn’t have to be 100% edible. I built it in 2 pieces and they crated and transported it all the way from Orlando to Hollywood where I completed the final assembly.

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

This was my first commissioned gingerbread house and it was quite an experience.

Gingerbread Cookie Wood Cabin

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