Cake Frosting 1 — 6 Comments

  1. Please do not waste $ 25.00 dollars in this pdf they are not worth it, I wanted an honest opinion from me for having bought the course here is this: This is a terrible disappointment, you should not deceive people by selling this course for $ 25.00, everything is on the Internet and with better recipes. He was not even able to answer my dissatisfaction email, thank you for nothing.

  2. HelIo I would like to subscribe to your blog but am in Johannesburg South Africa. Please could you kindly let me know what your fee will be to enroll for the Smooth Buttercream Frosting tutorial.
    With many thanks and appreciation.

    Kind regards

  3. Hello, I am a new subscriber to your blog. Can you please advise how I can enroll for the Smooth Buttercream Frosting tutorial.

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