Glass in Pasta + Hairnet Fashion Show

Glass in Pasta Story
Here are some food safety and customer service tips from a former chef slash hairnet model.

VIDEO: Hairnet Fashion Show

This is part two in a four part food safety storytelling series, all involving incidents from my food industry career that involve finding things in the food, which didn’t belong in the food. In this video, I’m telling a story about a customer who found broken glass in her pasta. It answers the question of how to handle a customer complaint when you are the kitchen manager, even if you don’t know how the food got contaminated.

Link to Part 1: Hair in Food
Link to Part 3: Drugs in the Cake

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Hairnet Fashion Show


Glass in Pasta + Hairnet Fashion Show — 8 Comments

  1. I think it’s inevitable that at some point you will encounter someone who is trying to run a bit of a scam of some sort. It can be frustrating and difficult to figure out if someone is being truthful. Great advice on how to pick them out.

  2. My husband also found glass in his plate of chicken enchiladas! Of course we told the manager but the manager seemed so puzzled because he said he couldn’t figure out where in the world that glass came from. But he was very polite and of course took that plate and brought another one – needless to say my husband ate it very slowly and carefully. They also gave us a form to fill out in case my husband felt he needed medical attention. They were so polite about it but still …

  3. I had a prawn dish at an Italian restaurant once when i bit down on some fine glass. The took another bite and had more glass. I called the waiter over and asked to speak to the manager. He apologized and made me another dish and gave me a soda. I asked later if they found out what it was. He casually said “oh yeah, a little glass dish had broken”. He really wasn’t worried or concerned and didn’t think it was such a big deal. I sure did. I was worried for other customers. And i haven’t been back i might say.

  4. Fabulous hairnets 🙂 I found a dead pill bug/tanker/potato bug in a bag of icing sugar – that was alarming, and gross 🙁

  5. LOVED THE FASHION SHOW! Just had my first scam the other day but it was more money than food kinda thing. Sometimes I really wonder if I look as dumb as some people think I am… hmmmmmm