The Letter C

C Baking and Culinary Terms Alphabet Blogging Challenge

C is for c’mon, really? All the yummiest stuff starts with this letter! Learn more about the A-Z April Blogging Challenge here. All beginning with the letter C, I give you photos of my culinary career creations.



I didn’t make this candy but I ate a whole bunch of it! The rest got incorporated into this gingerbread house.

Cranberry Champagne Cheesecakes

Cranberry Champagne Cheesecakes

I snapped this photo from December of 2006 in the middle of the night at a bakery where I finally completed a gigantic holiday order of cakes. The cranberries on top of these cheesecakes were cooked in a pot of champagne and sugar. I probably took a few swigs from the bottle while I was at it. The vanilla cheesecakes were wrapped in red ribbon and rimmed with piped Swiss buttercream.

Caramel Castle Battlements

Gingerbread Cookie Stone Hut

The turrets on this castle battlement were made from caramel candies sandwiched together with royal icing. This photo is a closeup from my giant gingerbread sandcastle covered in icing and candy.

Chocolate Caramel Cake

Chocolate Caramel Cake

I made hundreds of these cakes in a wholesale factory. Inside this sweet concoction are layers of caramel buttercream, chocolate cake, and chocolate ganache. The decorations include chocolate shavings, chocolate zigzag, caramel drizzle, and zebra curls.

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtle Filling

Layer Cake Fillings Recipes

One of my most popular flavors when Wicked Goodies was a bakery business was the chocolate caramel pecan turtle. This is how I prefer to build layer cakes: inside the pan. To learn more about this professional cake construction technique, click here: How to Build Layer Cakes.

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Individual

These individual portions of chocolate cherry cheesecake consists of a crust made from chocolate cake crumbs, vanilla cheesecake studded with whole sour cherries and a chocolate-dripped maraschino cherry.

Chocolate Chip Cookies


I made these chocolate chip walnut cookies in my baking class in culinary school. They were delish.

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The Letter C — 8 Comments

  1. C is for Chinese birthday cake. It was my extreme privelage to make my sister in law’s birthday cakes, and this was her favourite. She is gone now, but the happiness of that day lives on forever.

  2. Classy Carrot Cupcake! Because fresh carrots are DELICUOUS. That chocolate caramel cake looks AMAZING!