Valentine’s Day Cakes

Bakery Photo

Stephanie K., Mark P, and me

Here is another peek back in time at my Valentine’s day baking adventures while working at a wholesale bakery in Charlestown, Massachusetts, U.S.A. I have some fond memories of seeing the sun rise over the Mystic river in the mornings as we produced racks of cakes, brownies, cookies, and pastries, and wedding cakes for the Boston area.

The cakes in the above photo were Chocolate Pecan Mousse Tortes (also seen below right) and below left are a rack of 10″ Carrot Cakes that I frosted on a regular basis, before they were sliced and decorated with Italian buttercream rosettes.

Cakes In honor of Valentine’s day, here are some of the heart-shaped cakes and cookies that I made in that kitchen:

Flourless Chocolate Heart Cakes Enrobed in Chocolate Glaze
Flourless Chocolate Heart Cakes

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cakes Valentines Day Heart Cakes

Valentines Day Heart Cakes

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecakes
with cake crumb crustHeart Shaped Chocolate Cherry Cheesecakes

Individual Size Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
with a cake crumb crust
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Strawberry Jam-Filled Linzer Heart Cookies
Heart Cookies with Strawberry Jam

Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Cake
Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Cake

Here is what we had this year at home for Valentine’s day. It’s a crunchy peanut butter pie made entirely out of peanuts, pecans, cashews, honey, cocoa, dates, dark chocolate, water, and homemade vanilla extract. It’s dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, egg free, and vegan! Creamy and rich with some crunchy bits….it’s gonna be gone before Valentine’s day…

Happy Valentines Day Baking Inspiration!

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