Pink Cake Box DVD Set Giveaway


Winner: Anna Petersen

*This giveaway is open to all Wicked Goodies readers* Pink Cake Box DVD Set

Cake 101 & Cake 102 DVDs by Pink Cake Box
Topics: The Fundamentals of Frosting and Fondanting Cakes

This is a great starter kit for cake enthusiasts! Anne Heap is the owner of the bakery, Pink Cake Box in Denville, New Jersey, U.S.A. Have you seen her work? It is amazing! She runs a busy bakery using this foolproof system for building and frosting her cakes. You can tell when you’re watching these videos that Anne is a real pro. If you’ve always wondered how she gets her cakes to look so clean and polished, here’s how.

Cake 101 DVD Contents
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  • Tools required for filling and squaring off cakes
  • How to tort, fill, and assemble round and square cakes Anne’s way
  • Frosting fundamentals using Anne’s unique method
  • Step-by-step instructions revealing her secret to even cakes, both square and round.

Cake 102 DVD Contents
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  • How to color, knead, roll and cover a cake with fondant
  • Fondant paneling methods for round & square cakes
  • Texturing fondant with patterned rolling pin
  • Fundamentals of doweling and stacking round & square cakes
  • Tips on fixing tears, creases, air bubbles, and dry fondant
  • Bow-nus feature includes how to make two loop bow & multi-loop bow with fondant
  • Anne’s tips one how to finish your cake like a pro!

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How to Win

Leave a comment below to be entered in a raffle to win this pair of DVDs. Please note your level of experience with cake decorating. If you have a business, be sure to leave a link to your website! All emails will be kept safe and confidential.


This giveaway closes on Friday, December 13th

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Pink Cake Box DVD Set Giveaway — 28 Comments

  1. I am a hobby baker & I am working on getting that perfectly finished appearance. I love decorating I just don’t feel my cakes have that finished look. This set of DVDs are perfect formy project.

  2. After being away from cake design for some time I relaunched myself and knowledge about two years ago simply as a creative release. I bake every Thursday and share wrath of the kitchen with my team on Fridays. I am on the fence about face planting 100% as a biz. Every cake I make seemingly becomes more detailed and is always way more fun! My motto, if you can see it, you can eat it. I would love to have this collection.

  3. The minute I saw you gingerbread houses I was reminded of Gaudi!!! Then your FB profile pic inspired my daughters birthday cake. I love your colours and vibrancy and especially your unique style! I have been making cakes for 1 year with the passion to learn more! Before that I was clueless to the possibilities of the art of sugar! Who would have thought!

  4. OMIGOODNESS!!!! I want this so bad I am such a big fan of both you and Anne. Although I have a business I wan to learn how to do paneling better, doweling and stacking is a weak point for me. This would literally be my only Christmas gift this year since my family and I decided to buy for the needy this year instead of each other. PICK ME! lol

  5. I started cake decorating over 15 years ago when I took a class from my mom. I am currently a Wilton Instructor and make cakes and other treats on the side. I am always looking to hone my craft.

  6. I am a home based baker living in Holland. I love cake decorating and would really love to get the chance win this DVD. This would be a great “mentor” and guidance for me to learn the newest trend in the cake industry. All I want for christmas is this DVD!!!!

  7. Getting back into cake decorating now that I have more time -also boning up on my skills for my youngest daughters wedding cake on June 7th

  8. I love wicked goodies you give such great tips for beinging baker like me thanks for your dedication to baking.

  9. Having never experienced the art of cake decorating… i enrolled in a class last year… after my bank account took a beating wit the cost of everything i started to teach myself and have slowly started up my own little part time cake business. This DVD set would be extremely helpful.


  10. Am an amateur, but have great plans to start my own business some day.. great give away.. all the best

  11. Just an amateur, and always looking for ways to improve. I love your work, and your book is wonderful!

  12. Just a mum/nanna that love to bake and make things for family and friends. But would love to win this for my daughter and her friends (the girls) who live in a remote area of the Northern Territory (Australia). These girls work for the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) and bake for friends and their RAAF family (as they don’t have family close by). They get together on weekends to try out different ideas – the latest being cupcakes. Have attached 2 photos of recent weekend sessions but know how much they would love to advance their knowledge and FUN with decorating.

  13. Love decorating cakes!!
    I dream of having my own business one day but don’t think I m there yet. Have not been able to take any classes from a professional due to various reasons
    This give away will be an amazing learning experience for me .

  14. Hi, I have been decorating cakes for friends and family for a couple of years now. Living in Germany, I didn’t realLy have a chance to attend any classes from the great Cakedesigners. So I would love to win these DVDs to improve my skills. Maybe these will lead the way to realize my dream of having my own sweet little cake business some day.

  15. Hi, I’m new to cake decorating and looking for tips to get started. I make cheesecake and would like to start making birthday and other occation cakes. I’m looking foreward to reading this blog and posting questions. Bye for now and thanks in advance.

  16. I have been making cakes for friends and family for a couple of years now but I would love to get some inside tips from some of the great cakemakers, so I can become even better. It’s my dream to make a little business out of it some day. 🙂

  17. I took the Wilton classes last year and have been selling cakes from my home for the last 6 months. I enjoy learning anything new I can about baking and decorating! Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  18. I’m always on the hunt for new ways to improve my cake techniques! These look great.

  19. I am a stay at home mom and I love to make cakes for friends. I should could use some one on one time!