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Copyright Policies
All the material on this website including photos, books, tutorials and videos – unless specified otherwise – are copyright © Wicked Goodies. The content may not be duplicated, published, or rewritten without permission. All rights reserved.

Exceptions for Publishers

Publishers and/or videographers seeking to obtain high resolution image files for commercial use, please note there is a $100 fee per photo. Email Kristen at to place your request.

Publishers seeking to re-print an entire article or portion of an article found herein, email Kristen at for a quote.

Exceptions for Bloggers & Content Aggregators

Copying whole blocks of text directly from an article found on this website is not permitted. However referencing articles is encouraged.

To reference articles found on this site, please use hyperlinked mentions. A properly formatted mention links directly to the tutorial or page using relevant keywords. It also credits the main source.

Example: I assembled my layer cake in the pan using this cake filling method that I learned from Wicked Goodies

The use of one photo per article may also be used to accompany a mention. The photo itself should hyperlink directly back to its source and be captioned like the example below. The watermark must remain visible at all times.

3D Pig Cake Tutorial

I sculpted the 3D body parts for my pig cake using the instructions in this Pig Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies


This website earns commissions on Google Ads. As an Amazon Associate, I also earn from qualifying purchases. Giveaways are sometimes sponsored by third parties, and are always indicated as such.

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