Bakery Consulting Services

Bakery Consultant

People Who Typically Contact Me Are

  • INVESTORS considering a bakery-related business concept, wanting to know if it’s viable or not.
  • BAKERY OWNERS looking for assistance troubleshooting issues, maximizing revenue, brainstorming product lines, or increasing production efficiency.
  • TECH DESIGNERS working on bakery-related mobile apps in need of feedback from an industry professional.
  • BAKERS of all skill levels seeking advice planning a big cake or gingerbread house project.

My Qualifications

I have a Professional Chef’s degree and 17 years of food industry experience specializing in kitchen management, cake design, and bakery product development. I’ve worked in seven different bakeries, from the small boutique wedding cake vendor to giant automated wholesale factories. My product designs have been sold in Costco, Sam’s Club (a division of Walmart), Trader Joe’s, Roche Bros., and Stater Bros. supermarket chains. I’ve decorated 1,000+ wedding/specialty cakes. My knowledge is strongest in the following areas:

  • Retail bakery operations
  • Wholesale bakery manufacturing
  • Event catering & corporate catering
  • Factory and co-packing bakery manufacturing
  • Home, cottage industry baking
  • Product research and development
  • Bakery brand development
  • Commercial kitchen production
  • Ingredients and equipment sourcing (U.S.)
  • Dessert costing & pricing
  • Recipe troubleshooting
  • Menu streamlining
  • Food styling & photography
  • Wedding & specialty cake baking, construction, decorating, & delivery, & setup
  • 3D cake construction and decoration
  • Frosting & cake decorating with buttercream, royal icing, modeling chocolate, commercial fondant, gumpaste, ganache, and chocolate glaze
  • Specialty & wedding cake sales & marketing
  • Cake tastings and design consultations


Bakery Consultant


Q&A Hourly Rate

– for general questions about recipes, dessert projects, or business ventures
$90 per hour

Turbo-Boost Your Bakery Business Package

This package includes
– a preliminary assessment of your existing business plan/model
– a digital copy of my Bakery Business Planning Worksheet
– 2 hours of phone or Skype consultation, tailored to your specific needs
– follow up with a written evaluation including recommendations on how to move forward with your business plan
$300 Package


Package Rates

I offer a variety of bundles for clients seeking ongoing consulting services. The discounted rates are only available to existing clients. If you are interested, please ask about this option when we speak.

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Bakery Consulting Services — 23 Comments

  1. Hi there! I just booked an hour with you hoping that you can help me plan my wedding cakes. Happy to email you my questions and details in advance. Thanks and looking forward to talking, Sam

  2. Hello I am a beginner in the making cake business and in need of assistance in making a woman’s naked body cake for a male friend of mine do you have any tutorials On this?

  3. This a fantastic idea you have Kristen! I have always wanted to open my own bakery but I am terrified of all I would need to know. Now I know that there is a resource for information. You’re awesome!

  4. This a fantastic idea you have Kristen! I have always wanted to open my own bakery but I am terrified of all I would need to know. Now I know that there is a resource for information. You’re awesome!

  5. I am an upcoming baker, wanting to grow a bakery business.

    I am very impressed with your works, experience and qualifications. I am very inspired. Although I am presently in Nigeria but I hope and will love to meet you one day.

  6. hi. good afternoon…ok i learnt to bake and decorate cakes under my mum at home and for some years now i have made more money on the side doing this than my traditional architecture practice. i am nigerian and i live at owerri in Imo state of Nigeria. i NOW STRONGLY WANT TO START A CAKE STUDIO CUM BAKERY TO THAT EFFECT. where do i start? how do i start. I have the layout of my residence and the space i already have designated for the bakery behind my house and can send all to you. but how do we start?

  7. This a fantastic idea you have Kristen! I have always wanted to open my own bakery but I am terrified of all I would need to know. Now I know that there is a resource for information. You’re awesome!

  8. Hi. We run a great restaurant with a core of menu favorites with seasonal favorites.

    We bake in house and have a pretty talented baking crew.

    We keep changing the dessert menu, but I am leaning to a simple “never changing” signature line of 5 great desserts plus one seasonal item.

    What I am thinking we should serve:

    The best chocolate cake
    The best carrrot cake
    The best apple pie
    The best chocolate chip cookies / mini milkshake.
    Seasonal fruit cobbler
    Greek Yougurt fresh-ground walnuts and honey

    Do you think you could consult for these cake recipes?

  9. Hi, love the site! Do you have a link with tips on how to store and display cupcakes properly? I’m trying to figure out refrigerated vs non for a small bakery display? I want to be in the food safety guidelines without drying my cupcakes or tossing unsold items after 4 hours. Thanks!

  10. I am a caterer and have a bride and groom who want a banana pudding dome cake for their wedding. The person I know where I live that has made dome cakes doesn’t think it possible to do but after much research, I think it can be done with some advice, coaching and help. Your thoughts would be very helpful. thanks!

  11. I think that is a great idea… I visit a lot of sites and I do believe your the only one that offers this. Smart and good luck.

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