Reality Cake Television

Wicked Goodies Rooster Cake on Fabulous Cakes Show

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer In 2010, I was filmed making a giant cake for one episode (season 2, episode 4) of a Discovery Network reality television show called Fabulous Cakes, now syndicated on TLC. I was under contract to NOT blog about the … Continue reading

Zoo Animal Cupcakes

Baby Zoo Animal Cupcakes

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferHere, rolled modeling chocolate is combined with both buttercream frosting and piped chocolate to make doe-eyed zoo animal cupcakes. Note that where fondant may be used for these designs, modeling chocolate is much better suited for popping in the mouth. I like to make filled cupcakes. With … Continue reading

Wonka Factory Gingerbread House Adventure

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferThis was my biggest gingerbread house project yet. It all began with paper, pencil, a yard stick, scissors, a vision and 100 pounds of gingerbread dough rolled thin to make gingerbread doors, gingerbread chimney and machine parts, bubbles for the bubble … Continue reading

Gingerbread City Competition

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Folks arrived in their sparkliest best dress to enjoy gastronomy to the nth power at the 2010 Gingerbread City Gala competition that took place on December 1st here in San Diego, California. There was a diverse array of amazing edible … Continue reading

Gingerbread House Competition Planning

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferOh yes that’s right, folks. Winter is choo-chooing this way. It’s time for mittens and parkas and icicle-licking. In a few weeks, up go the wreaths, ol’ stockings, twinkly lights, candles, and spray-on window frost. Gee I wonder how many yuletide … Continue reading

Gadget Storage Ideas

Kitchen Gadget Storage by Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferVintage 2010 blog post It’s like perpetual art period or crafternoon up in here except instead of construction paper all over the place, it’s modeling chocolate and instead of paint on the elbow, it’s buttercream. Here is how I keep the gadgets organized.  First, I’ve … Continue reading

Useful Cake Construction Tools

Cake Construction Tools

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferHere is a list of some of my favorite tools for professional cake baking, filling, torting, carving, building, assembling and construction. Cake Pans The best kind of cake pan is deep enough that it can be used both for baking … Continue reading

How to Use Wood Dowels in Stacked Cakes

How to Use Wood Dowels in Stacked Cakes

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer There are a number of ways to add infrastructure to the inside of a wedding cake or sculpted cake so it doesn’t collapse. After building 1000+ custom cakes using a variety of systems including wood dowels, SPS and bubble … Continue reading

How to Make Fish Cake

Koi Fish Cake Tutorial

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This alternative wedding cake is finished in rolled modeling chocolate and piped chocolate. It was for a couple whose reception took place in Balboa Park’s Japanese Friendship Gardens, which has a zen rock garden and koi pond full of plump, spotted fish. The groom … Continue reading

How To Make a Ship Cake

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here in San Diego, California, there is Camp Pendleton, the Coronado Naval Base, and the Mirimar Marine Air Corps Station all with cake-delivery distance, so here is another naval ship finished in modeling chocolate. The trick to rendering something in cake … Continue reading

Cake Sculpting with Rice Treats and PVC

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This tutorial demonstrates how to sculpt 3D cake elements out of PVC pipe, rice treats, and modeling chocolate. This cactus, jalapeño pepper, sleeping Mexican cake was 100% the vision of a a client. The cakes are all finished in modeling … Continue reading

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferScroll down to the bottom of the page to get my recipe for a rich, not-too-sweet dark chocolate glaze that pours and sets well. It maintains its shiny luster due to the inclusion of oil. Here are some photos of … Continue reading

How To Make Chocolate Sand Dollars

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Shell/coral/beach wedding cakes are wildly popular here in San Diego, California, where the weather is spectacular all year round. I’m getting bored with the same-old beach cake design so here is a technique for making shells look a little … Continue reading

Booty Cake Tutorial

Booty Cake Tutorial

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer I made this 3D sculpted booty cake with camouflage boy shorts for a 24th birthday celebration. Here’s how I did it. How to Form Butt Cheeks for a Booty Cake To form a 3D booty cake, begin with two half-sphere cakes. I used … Continue reading

How to Fill Layer Cakes in the Pan

Layer Cake Filling in the Pan

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This is a lengthy multi-video tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to fill and freeze layer cakes within the baking pan, a professional bakery method for the torting phase of assembly. To best understand this concept, I recommend watching … Continue reading

The Amazing Parchment Paper Cone-Filling Gadget

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This plastic piping bag stand holds frosting bags and parchment paper paper cones while you fill them, freeing both hands to scrape every last bit of chocolate or frosting from the bowl. When not in use, it’s the perfect vessel for cone storage … Continue reading

Best Cake Baking Pans to Buy

Best Cake Pans to Buy

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer When it comes to cake pans, the best long-term investment for your bakery are deep, thick gauge solid aluminum pans. The Advantages to Solid, Deep, Aluminum Pans The thick metal and high walls help buffer the heat so that … Continue reading

How to Release a Layer Cake from a Pan

Layer Cake Filling in the Pan

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer NOTE: This is just a small slice of a much larger information pie. Follow this link to access an updated, comprehensive version of this video tutorial: How to Fill Layer Cakes in the Pan VIDEO: How to Depan a Filled … Continue reading

How to Bake a Cake with a Heating Core

How to Bake Cakes with a Heating Core

FacebookPinterestTwitterRedditTumblrStumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferThe heating core is a nifty gadget that helps radiate heat into the center of large or deep cakes, reducing baking time and allowing for a more even rise and a more evenly baked cake. This is particularly handy when … Continue reading