Attack of the Killer Eggs

New Vlog: Attack of the Killer Eggs

This video contains
– one triumph (cookie academy is done!)
– one preview (gingerbread house masterclass video #2)
– one confession (I am allergic to eggs)
– one giveaway (gumpaste & tylose powder)
– results of my second guitar lesson
Cookie Academy

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Attack of the Killer Eggs — 36 Comments

  1. My favorite food to order at restaurants was french fries with a soft cooked egg on top. Yummy. I think I may have ordered that across the United States, after all how can you go wrong with that combo.

    I was at a casino in California for breakfast. I ordered the french fries and the soft cooked egg on top. I took a couple of bites, when my stomach felt like it was on fire. I knew I had to go to the restroom and throw up what I had consumed.

    From that day I have not been able to eat an egg or anything that had a large amount of egg in it. My Dr. says I can now not get a flew shot.

    The cause of my problem is not clear, but the results are forever with me. Goodby Good Egg.

  2. You can’t touch or eat raw eggs, but what about when they’re cooked or in baked goods? It would be tragic if you couldn’t ever eat your wonderful treats!
    My oldest son has a potato allergy, dating from when he was just a baby! Nothing remotely related to potatoes for him: fries, chips, etc. He carries an epipen with him at all times, because potato starch is in so many ingredients. Once, we had to leave a restaurant because the steam from boiling potatoes in the kitchen started to make him wheeze!! So I understand the seriousness of food allergies.
    Your videos are impressive. LOVE everything you show on your site. I am slowly learning, so thank you! Also, kudos on the guitar-playing!!

    • Marguerite,
      Good question! If the eggs are cooked into something like a brioche bread, then the reaction isn’t as severe but it’s still pretty bad these days. If they are cooked for long enough at a high enough temperature (like fried batter), I have no reaction. But I’m not big on risking it anymore!

      Gosh potato – that’s a toughie! I can’t imagine my life without ever having tasted french fries but then I guess I wouldn’t know what I was missing! Can he eat stuff that has been fried in the same oil as potatoes or do the high temp kill whatever it is that causes the allergy (like with the eggs)?

      Thank you for your support and encouragement btw! It means a lot to me!

      • Kristen, hi! Whay you’re basically saying is that you won’t risk eating any of your wonderfully eye-pleasing and tasty baked goods!! What a shame!! I truly feel for you. That said, why risk dying over a cookie, right?
        As for my son, like you said, he doesn’t miss chips/fries, mashed potatoes, etc. because he’s never had them. Sad but c’est la vie! And no side-contamination allowed either; i.e. He cannot eat any food that has been in contact whatsoever with potatoes – even oil (once we almost had to rush him to ER because someone had served his rice using the same utensile that also served the mashed potato to someone else). At a restaurant, a server made a mistake with his order and put fries next to his burger. They had to redo the order correctly this time using a clean plate. VERY SCARY! He won’t even risk kissing someone who’s just swallowed a handful of chips, for example. So like you, and many others with food allergies, it’s important to alwasy stay vigilant!! Take care and continue to impress us with your work of art… even though, sadly, you can’t have any. 🙁

  3. Allergies suck big time. Both my daughters are coeliac with the youngest not even able to touch gluten containing foods. My granddaughter is lactose intolerant and my SIL is allergic to protein. I have a sister allergic to ginger and another on a fructose free diet. So baking for all of them makes one big list of can’t use’s.

    • Trudi,
      Oh my word! What a challenge that must be! Protein? All proteins? I am trying to think of all the foods containing proteins. That’s a long, long list! You are a champ for even trying undertaking baking for them all at once. I had no idea coeliac could be so dangerous with the touching…I’m learning all kinds of curious stuff from the comments here.

  4. I’m allergic to bee pollen. It’s different to plant or flower pollen. It’s what the bees make in the hive. Anothr name for it is ‘propolis’ I ingested it in a natural remedy bought from a health food shop, and went into anaphylaxis. I now carry an epipen just in case!

    • Yikes! Are you also allergic to bee stings? Bees must have bee pollen all over their hairy little bodies, right? Eek! Let’s hope the price of epipens eventually goes down. Those things are crazy expensive!

      • I’m in the UK and luckily I can get it on prescription!. Never been stung by a bee, so I don’t really know. Ironically, my name, Debra, is said to mean busy bee!

  5. Alcohol…. yes alcohol… even the tiniest amount used in cooking is enough which is a total PITA when we go out for a meal “I’d love pepper sauce with my steak…. but is there any chance you could do me one without brandy in it pleeeease? ” My tipple of choice instead is tea! I’m obsessed! I have 11 different herbal and green teas on my desk right now! you need to fill the void with something – what could you swap eggs for? (don’t say alcohol – not a good idea!)
    Love the site, love your videos, love your gingerbread masterpieces and still use and love your book!

    • Gray,
      Thank you!
      Bummer about the alcohol! I can see how that would sneak up on ya in sauces and desserts for sure! I am also totally obsessed with herbal tea and drink waaay to much of it (spent teabags are always piled on the edge of my sink). Yes, I have swapped my baking obsession with something new: guitar! Can’t. Stop. Practicing.
      Awesome hearing from you 🙂

  6. Ugh, I am so sorry about your allergy. I can empathize! My husband suffered from a career-ending allergy to latex. His medical degree went right down the tubes when OSHA instituted bloodborne pathogen rules requiring the wearing of gloves (latex being about the only kind out there then) and the sudden, skyrocketing demand resulted in highly inferior and improperly made latex gloves from China being imported here and sickening many healthcare workers. Many died from anaphalactic shock before being properly diagnosed, and many others (like my husband) were misdiagnosed for a long time, with worsening symptoms from continued contact and respiratory exposure (they used to be highly dusted and the latex protein bonded to the powder and was airborne). So, like you, continued exposure did not build a tolerance but instead created a life-threatening situation. I’m so happy you are able to continue in your career with protections because you are immensely talented and we are all very lucky that you share your knowledge and talent with us! Congrats on the awesome guitar playing too. Have a great week!

    • Sherri,
      Wow. Talk about a job hazard! And to think of all the time and effort that goes into earning a medical degree, down the tubes. Such a shame to have to let that all go. What did your husband end up doing as a career instead? Has he been able to make use of that degree somehow?

  7. That SUCKS!!!! You do such a great job with your gingerbread houses and cakes! I’m allergic to something, but I can never pin point what exactly it is. On a happy note, you did great playing your guitar. Maybe when your book comes out, you can add a link of you reading it with the guitar in the background.

    • Yariana,
      Thank you! I hope you figure out what it is you are allergic too. I wish I had known sooner…then I wouldn’t have gotten to this point. Thank you for this idea of doing a reading with guitar in the background! I am totally obsessed with this instrument. Can’t stop playing it. You should see the calluses growing on the tips of my fingers. They are indented in the exact shape of guitar strings.

  8. Kristen that sucks about the egg allergy. Keep covered and stay safe!
    I do not have a food allergy, but I imagine it must be very challenging.
    Congratulations on your resolution progress 🙂

    • Jen! I love that I have been hearing from you on these vlogs! Let’s do coffee! Would you be available for that? I want to hear about how the resurrection of your business has been going and what’s new in your life.

  9. I’m so sorry about your allergy. That’s got to be miserable. I only have one food allergy and it’s one very common to many men and women. It causes bloating, stress on the entire body, shortness of breath and much more. I’m allergic to eating too much food, especially sweets. Hopefully a cure will soon be found before I blow up! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh. It makes the world an easier place to live! Seriously, God Bless ya as you deal with your egg enemies.

    • HAH!
      I took this totally literally at first because I am…well…slow.
      In fact there is a cure for what you describe. The cure is to become allergic to eggs! For the low low price of bird-egg syndrome, you will never become full on desserts ever again! Ahhhhh phooey. Enjoy it because you can, Joyce! I shall do my best to enjoy vicariously through you.

  10. So sorry I know it makes the business harder for you. Question, can you do a video for airbrushing and how do you make your photos beautiful.

    • Claudette,
      I’ve never used an airbrush before so I don’t have the chops to do a tutorial on that. But I can definitely do one on how to edit photos. That is a great idea – thank you for suggesting it. I just added the idea to my list.

      BTW how is your progress in cake making going? Remember, this is YOUR year to shine! Go get ’em!

  11. I’m sorry about your egg allergy – that severely limits what you can eat, doesn’t it?
    Amazing progress on your guitar!!
    Keep up the good work – it is greatly appreciated!

    • Killer eggs is a very unfriendly enemy. My enemy is stress. But the good news is that when I am decorating a cake I can forget my problems. I am sorry that it isn’t as simple for you.

      • Sheri – Thank you! Your comments are helping keep me motivated. You rock!

        Ah yes! You get into THE ZONE with the cake making! Same with me! Isn’t that the best feeling?! I would miss the stress relief like crazy but fortunately I have found other avenues that get me into the zone, like playing the guitar.

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