Six Commitments for 2017

VIDEO: Six Commitments for 2017

I made some New Year’s resolutions.

They’re exciting.

And scary.

Please troll me if I don’t follow through on any of these promises.

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Six Commitments for 2017 — 41 Comments

  1. Yippee Kristen!! Awesome resolutions!!!! But do not get discouraged if you don’t get them all done. I speak to you like a nice little old lady who sees herself when she was your age, and had the same determination. I’ve since learned that sometimes they all get accomplished, sometimes they don’t; you’re meant to be right where you are.

    As a devotee, I am deeee-lighted with every post, and I send you best wishes on this journey!!

  2. I’m writing a “family roots” book, which I started hummm, a couple of years ago? Well, maybe 4 years ago with the promise of having it ready every Christmas… THIS is the year… I will finish the book in between making cakes… PROMISE! Your gingerbread work is impeccable! Love it.

  3. You are brave! Those are six serious resolutions! You seem like a determined and energetic person, so I’m sure you will succeed! Good Luck!

  4. I am so “WICKED” excited for you and cheering you on as you accomplish all your goals for 2017!!!! I love the gingerbread houses in the background and can’t wait to see you finish them! They are so beautiful!!! I’m going to try and not procrastinate in 2017 as well. My one goal is to find your book that I purchased many years ago. I’ve been looking for about 2-years now, after I moved, and I’m about to lose my mind over it. It just shows you how much cake stuff I have, as well as books, BUT 2017 is all about decluttering and getting rid of what I do not use. Best wishes to you in 2017!!!

  5. I can’t wait to see that gingerbread house!! Good luck on your resolutions!! We’re proud of you for your efforts for the new year! I have faith in you. You can do it! Thumbs up!!

  6. I am excited for your resolutions!!!!! Especially the gingerbread videos! You better get them done!!! And I better hear some strumming and a vlog maybe some pics of your majestic gingerbread creation by the end of this month! My goal for this year, is to establish myself in a new town that we recently moved to.

  7. You are simply AMAZING and I can’t wait to see your progress through the year! Your ambition is admirable. Thank you for sharing your talent. Happy new year!!

  8. Cant wait to hear what your new project is, I’d love those cutters!
    My main resolutions are to be kind, and to call it out when I see something happening and support others if they are being bullied.

  9. Love your Modeling Chocolate and ganache recipes. I use them for my custom cakes. Thank you! Wishing you much success in your 2017 resolutions. Excited to see the completed gingerbread house.

  10. Can’t wait to see your progress, I’ve never attempted a gingerbread house very interesting. My resolution this year is to further my own progress in cake making, I’ve let others damping my spirits, from pricing and creativity
    but this is a NEW YEAR!!

  11. So stoked to hear about GINGERBREAD!!! I’ve been waiting for the book (I have the PDF) but a video masterclass would be cool too!

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